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What do Clients Think About Using Curam to Hire Carers?

Sara Blogger

December 07, 2020

What do Clients Think About Using Curam to Hire Carers?

Are you thinking of using Curam to find a carer for yourself, a friend or a loved one? Or maybe you are a Curam carer who wants to know how clients feel about the platform? This article will tell you more about why Curam is a great way to find a carer, and why clients love using our platform. 

Ever since Curam joined forces with Trustpilot in October, feedback has been flooding in about what it is like to hire a carer using our platform. We have loved reading about how happy our clients are with our service, and we want to share their comments with you. 

Curam is creating a better care community for both clients and carers. Our clients have more choice over who provides their care and more control of when they want to receive care. At the same time, carers feel valued and earn more with Curam (on average £15 per hour).  

Aside from our mission to create a better care community, in our reviews, clients told us the 7 best things about finding a carer with Curam included: 

·     Speed and efficiency 

·     The high quality experienced carers 

·     The ability to interview carers 

·     The Curam app and platform 

·     Choice and flexibility of care 

·     Client support services 

·     Low, fair prices 


Curam clients are relieved about speed and efficiency 

We were so pleased to hear that our clients were content and relieved with the care that we helped them to find. Elaine told us that ‘Curam were there’ when she was feeling ‘extremely anxious’ about finding a carer for her mother, and Clara found Curam helpful when she had to find care at short notice for her 85-year-old father.  

Chrissy said: ’Curam came very quickly when I needed help’. Not only do we help people find the self-employed carers they need, but we help people find carers quickly and efficiently, giving them peace of mind. In fact, Jess said that Curam ‘massively reduced the burden that had previously’ fallen on her shoulders. We believe that people return to the Curam platform to find carers because it:  

·     Gives people peace of mind 

·     Makes finding carers easier 

·     Is quick and efficient 

·     Offers a greater choice of high quality experienced carers 

Jo even told us that the district nurses visiting her parents regularly commented on the wonderful care that they had received at home, and she believes ‘hand on heart, that care at home is much, much better’ than residential care. 


Curam clients appreciate their carers 

Curam clients had a lot of praise for their carers. They believe that the quality of Curam carers is brilliant, and that carers on the platfrorm are very reliable. In their reviews, clients had lots of good things to say about Curam carers: 

·     Karen D told us that her carer has ‘proven to be reliable, caring & very easy to get along with’. 

·     Karen K described her carer as ‘everything we could have hoped for, kind and caring, patient and thorough’.  

·     Brian called his carer ‘an absolute diamond’. 

Jo H also told us that the expertise and experience of Curam carers is impressive. She said that ‘there is a really solid background of working in hospitals, in the home, residential provision and plenty of accredited training’. And it is true, Curam carers have years of experience


Curam clients can interview potential carers 

A second reason why clients love their Curam carers is because they get to interview and choose the right person for the job. Janice told us that Curam allowed her ‘peace of mind’ whilst being away from home as she trusted the carer she had found and interviewed.  

Michael and Susan also really valued the chance to interview carers, telling us that this is what made Curam better than other ways of finding care. Interviews help Curam clients: 

·     Feel safer 

·     Check if a carer gets on well with a client 

·     Find out more about a carer’s interests and values 

·     Discuss rates, hours and the type of care needed 

Curam carers can be suited to a client not just because they live nearby, but they could also share the same hobbies, language, religion or values as their client. 

It is also useful that Curam carers choose who they want to work for as it means both parties value each other. This is one of the reasons why Jo’s carers ‘really enjoy their work and do it to a very high standard, forming loving, person focused relationships’.  

Curam also makes it easy for clients to change carers if they want to, making it easy to find the best person for the job.  


Curam clients find it easy to use our platform 

One of our main focuses here at Curam is our technology. Our client app and website make it easy to find carers near you. Paul said our app was ‘very convenient’ and Jess said the website was ‘easy to use’ and provided access to hundreds of carers that fit her profile.  

Willie said that he found the Curam platform ‘invaluable for identifying and engaging a suitable and reliable carer’. The Curam app makes it easy for clients to: 

·     Set-up a profile 

·     Find the right carer 

·     Check a carer’s availability 

·     Hire a carer and discuss hours 

·     Make payments 

Willie also thought that Curam made it ‘simple to contact the carers confidentially within the portal’ and Jo H believes that ‘the payment system is extremely easy to use and all is very instantaneous’. 


Curam clients like choosing their care 

Another upside to finding care with Curam is that we offer different, more flexible types of care. Karen K told us that, when looking for overnight care for her father who has dementia, she was ‘struggling to find this kind of care through other means’, therefore Curam was ‘an absolute godsend’ for her family. Curam offers the following types of care: 

·     Live-in care  

·     Overnight care 

·     Hourly care 

·     Respite care 

·     Convalescent care 

·     Palliative and End of life care 

·     Specialised care for conditions (such as dementia care or autism care). 

These care types are also negotiable and flexible as a client can tailor them to their situation. This could be through changing the number of hours, days, or weeks they hire their carer. Or, a client could hire multiple carers to cover their on-going care plan.  

Curam carers are self-employed, therefore they tend to have a more flexible schedule and approach to care work. Curam clients also do not have to book a set amount of care (except that 1 hour is the minimum amount of time a carer can be hired for).  

Having control over when a client receives care also lets clients increase the amount of care that they or their loved-one receives as they get older or if their care requirements change. In fact, Christina told us that she used Curam and ‘gradually upped the care’ for her mother, and Jo H believes that ‘Curam is a great agency to be in touch with if you are caring for vulnerable family members and feel you might be about to need different, more hands-on, more specialised care in future’.  


Curam clients receive great support 

One of the best things about Curam is our client support service. Clients can count on our client service team to: 

·     Explain how Curam works 

·     Give advice about how best to choose a carer 

·     Help clients to use the Curam app 

·     Solve any problems clients may have  

Customers were really impressed with our support and service and many commented on it in their reviews: 

·     Jess said our ‘customer service has been second to none, with very personalised and timely responses from the admin and management team’.  

·     Jonnie believes Curam staff are ‘helpful, caring and efficient’ and he would ‘highly recommend this great value service where you genuinely feel cared for’. 

·     Lesley says: ‘everyone I spoke to was polite, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their site’.  

·     Erika believes all the people she ‘dealt with through phone and email were efficient and very friendly’ and that answers to her queries ‘were prompt and clear’.  

·     William was ‘impressed with the efficiency you dealt with a repayment when one of the bookings had to be cancelled due to Covid-19'.  

Michael and Susan gave Jane a shoutout and said that she helped them a lot and gave them ‘the best advice’, and Jo H and Laura both gave a shoutout to Gemma who was ‘a star’ and provided a real ‘personal service’. Jane and Gemma are part of our great team who help Curam clients on a daily basis. 


Curam clients pay better prices  

Payments are easy to make and manage on the Curam app, and we make sure that they run smoothly for our clients and carers. Our clients also benefit from lower prices whilst our carers on average earn 25% more after tax than with a typical agency. In fact, Clients pay 10% less than the average UK agency hourly rate for care. Also, because all Curam carers are self-employed, clients can spend the money saved on NI and payroll on extra hours of care.   

Annie called Curam an ‘excellent provider of first class carers at reasonable prices’, and Christina noted that ‘the cost per hour is less than other agencies as Curam take a smaller percentage for their work than other agencies’. Also, Jo was also impressed by Curam’s commission, calling it a ‘minimal, transparent amount of what the carer decides to charge for the work’ and likes that the commission paid for background checks, insurance and carer interviews. 

Curam's 12.5% + VAT commission is included in the carer's advertised rate, you only pay for care that is delivered and there are no joining fees or tie in contracts. 


Hire a Curam carer today! 

Finding a carer has never been so easy. If you want to hire a carer, and you like Curam’s model and platform, then sign up to find a Curam carer now! 

We promise to make it easy for you to choose the best carer possible. You will also be able to choose what type of care you want, when you want and how many carers will provide it. You can sign-up for free and we have no tie-in contracts. We also promise to give you the best service, support and to make payments easy.  

You can hire a Curam carer in 3 easy steps: 

Step 1: Download the Curam app and search for carers in your area for free (filter to your needs)

Step 2: Shortlist the carers you like, contact them directly, get to know each other and check references. Then, agree rates, hours and the care type that works for you both

Step 3: Start your care, the app will make service agreements and payments easy

Alternatively, create a job ad for free and post details of the role you wish to fill on our platform where all suitable carers will be messaged through their app and you can view the profiles of those carers who have applied for the position. Your details are always kept confidential until you wish to disclose them. 


A huge thank you to our clients 

Thank you to all of our valued clients that have sent in reviews. Read the rest of our reviews from clients and carers on Trustpilot. We appreciate your feedback and we are delighted to hear how much Curam has helped you to find the right carers easily and quickly. 


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