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Finding a trusted hourly carer

Just got easier.

Hourly Care

Live a fulfilling life in your own home by using a day carer or hourly care. The company of a carer can have many benefits, from assistance with daily tasks to friendly conversation over a cuppa. A familiar day carer, who you have chosen through Curam, brings a reassuring sense of security and can help prevent loneliness. Care can be arranged by the hour, on any day of the week. You can also arrange multiple visits in one day, if you wish.

How can hourly care help?

1. Companionship

When friends and family are far away, it’s lovely to build a rapport with a familiar face. Your chosen private carer is there when you want some company. So, whether it’s a chat about current affairs, the latest best-seller or simply somebody to bring along to appointments and social events, your personal care assistant can provide that companionship.

2. Personal care

Care can be intimate, so it’s important it’s handled sensitively. Having support with the daily necessities of dressing, bathing, eating or taking medication can make a big difference to your quality of life. Finding a carer who can meet these needs is simple through Curam.

3. Exercise

Fresh air keeps us all fighting fit, and a using a day carer to assist with physical activity can ensure that nothing is a barrier to enjoying the great outdoors.

4. Socialising

Maintaining existing friendships is hard at any stage of life, but your personal care assistant can help you keep on top of your social diary. From helping you visit family, or assisting with a trip to the theatre, a carer can provide the motivation and support you need to keepgetting out there.

5. Housework

A tidy home can bring a sense of calm and wellbeing. Using a personal care assistant to help with a range of household chores can create that sanctuary at home. Cooking, walking pets, washing up, laundry and dusting are just some of the domestic tasks a day carer or hourly care can help with.

6. Meal preparation

At times, it can be difficult to sustain a healthy diet especially if our appetite has changed. A personal care assistant can prepare the food you like, while offering encouragement to enjoy meal times again.

7. Medication

Keeping on track with medications can be a challenge. A day carer can help you keep control, ensuring medicines are managed safely and effectively. Medicines assistance is carefully tailored to your specific needs.

8. Errands

Concentrate on what sparks joy in your day, by using hourly care to help you with the more mundane aspects of life, such as posting letters, changing library books, picking up groceries or driving out to meet friends.

Why choose day care / hourly care with Curam?

The best care comes when we have a positive relationship with those who assist us. Curam allows you to choose who that person is, making them a consistent and familiar presence in your life.

Why use Day care / Hourly care?

  • Companionship
  • Greater security
  • Increased mobility
  • Improved dietary health
  • Assistance with medication

What can you expect to pay for day care / hourly care?

Hourly and day care allows you to keep control of your care costs, as you only pay for what you need, when you need it. Depending on the experience of your carer, you can expect to pay from £12 to £16 per hour. Curam allows you to discuss specific requirements with your chosen carer and negotiate a rate which suits your needs.