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Autism care at home involves Care Professionals being able to support clients with various activities, such as personal care, helping with nutritious cooking, and accompanying individuals outside of the home, with activities such as shopping or social events. A Care Professional aims to enhance the quality of life for the individual, taking a crucial role in implementing strategies to meet their unique care needs.

What is autism care?

If you’re looking for care for someone with autism, you may be searching for live-in care, hourly care, overnight care or just the occasional visit.

Autism care at home allows carers to support clients with autism and help with various activities, such as day-to-day tasks like personal care, helping with cooking and maintaining good nutrition and accompanying individuals outside of the home, such as shopping, leisure activities, public transport or social events.

Carers aim to enhance the quality of life for individuals with autism and can play a crucial role in implementing strategies tailored to the unique care needs of each individual. They can help build a sense of routine and create a supportive atmosphere.

How does autism care work?

Autism care at home is often the preferred method of care for individuals with autism, as they tend to feel more comfortable in their own space. Autism care at home can include either live-in care, hourly care, overnight care and respite care.

A live-in carer can become more familiar and adapt to an individual's care needs, which is important when you consider that no two autistic people have the same symptoms.

Here are some of the ways in which a live-in personal assistant or carer can support a child, young person or adult with autism:

  • Assisting at medical appointments
  • Encouraging the development of independent life skills such as budgeting
  • Helping individuals get to school, college, university or work
  • Supporting with personal care, such as washing and bathroom assistance
  • Helping with cooking and maintaining a good diet
  • Accompanying individuals outside of their home, such as shopping, leisure activities, or social events
  • Helping maintain relationships with friends and family and supporting social skills

Carers can often work alongside therapists to implement effective treatment plans. Some therapies and treatments plans can include:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Behavioural approaches such as Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

Why choose autism care at home?

Choosing autism home care services presents a host of advantages, particularly in recognising and addressing the unique and varied needs of individuals with autism.

Opting for a live-in carer is invaluable as carers become deeply familiar with the person's individual care requirements. They can also adapt to the specific nuances of their client; this is crucial given the distinct and sometimes unpredictable nature of autism.

The positive impact of having a dedicated personal assistant or carer is evident, from providing essential support at medical appointments to nurturing independent life skills like budgeting, assisting with personal care needs, and accompanying individuals in social activities.

Autism care at home, guided by a live-in carer, not only addresses immediate needs but also creates a supportive environment conducive to the holistic well-being and development of individuals with autism.

What autism home care services are available?

There are a variety of services to choose from when booking autism care.

  • Live-in care: Live-in home care is often the preferred method of care for those with autism, as they feel more comfortable in their own space and surroundings.
  • Hourly care: Carers can also be hired on an hourly basis to provide help when you most need it. Short-term care can be useful at certain times of the day, like when a carer needs an extra pair of hands, for example.
  • Overnight care: The night can be an anxiety-provoking time for many people, and some autistic people may require an overnight carer to provide support if they’re feeling anxious or if their symptoms are less manageable at this time of day
  • Respite care: Caring for someone with autism? It is important to take a break. Whether it's because of family commitments, work or a carer's need to address their own health and mental wellbeing, respite care can provide necessary time off.

Moreover, respite care can be a good way of trying out an alternative method of care. Professional support can be a good option for someone looking to become more independent in the future, perhaps after leaving school or home.

Cost of autism home care

According to the NHS, at-home care can typically cost from £15-£30 per hour. This can vary depending on where a person lives and sometimes, the council will contribute to the cost. On average, in the UK, a live-in agency carer can cost between £650 - £1,600 a week (depending on the level of care needed).

With Curam, you only pay for the care delivered. Carers’ fees vary depending on their experience and your unique care requirements. Here are some examples of what you could expect to be paying* (as per 01/24):

  • Hourly Care: £15 - £20
  • Overnight Care: Overnight care typically covers the hours between 10pm and 8am, and can cost a fixed rate of around £90 per shift, or £14- £18 hourly for waking care.
  • Live-in Care: Live-in care costs begin at £120 per day or an average of £850 per week.
  • Average Live-In - £1,127 (last week's average)
  • Live-In rates start at £850
  • Average Hourly - £19.68 (last week's average)
  • Min hourly rates - £14.15

Prices can be negotiated with the carer and include Curam’s fees.

Frequently asked questions

To learn more about autism, the symptoms and characteristics, read our What is Autism? A Complete Guide blog here.


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