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Finding a trusted overnight stay carer

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Care Type

Overnight Care

Care is not only needed during the day. Curam’s specialist carers provide the necessary assistance and support for you and your loved ones throughout the night. Night care ensures peace of mind, reassurance and security.

Why use overnight care?

  • Security and peace of mind
  • Prompting of medication
  • Assistance with mobility within the home (climbing stairs, getting into bed)
  • Bathroom assistance
  • On-hand help throughout the night
What can you expect to pay details

What are the types of overnight care?

Sleeping night care

You can both expect a good night’s sleep with this option. If you anticipate only occasional support in the night, but value the presence of a trusted carer in your home until morning, this is the right choice.


Waking night care

If you wake often, or need regular assistance with medication and personal care, this comprehensive option is the right choice. It offers consistency in your care throughout the night.

Why choose night carers with Curam?

The best care comes when we have a positive relationship with those who assist us. Curam allows you to choose who that person is, making them a consistent and familiar presence in your life.


What can you expect to pay for overnight care?

With Curam, you only pay for the care delivered.

Overnight care typically covers the hours between 10pm and 8am, and can cost £90 per shift fixed rate, or £14- £18 hourly for waking care.

Prices can be negotiated with the carer and include Curam’s fees.

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