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After hospital and post-operative care

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How can an after hospital or post-operative carer help?

How can carer help?
How can carer help

After hospital or post-operative carers offer a short-term, flexible care option to people of any age who are recuperating at home following surgery or a debilitating illness.

They can support you in a number of ways, here are just a few:

  • Enable you to recover independently at home
  • Help with medication, bandages and dressings
  • Support with hygiene and bathing
  • Help getting to and from appointments
  • Preventing falls and accidents around the home
  • Assistance with mobility

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How can carer help?

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  • What is after hospital home care?

    After hospital home care is the care that someone receives when recovering from an illness, fall, operation or hospital stay. It is normally a short-term, flexible care option which can help people of any age recuperate at home.

    It is typically temporary care that helps someone to maintain independence at home. Post-hospital care can also be called 'convalescent care', 'intermediate care', 'aftercare' or 'reablement'.

  • What is included in after hospital home care?

    After a hospital discharge, you may be looking for assistance in some of the following ways:

    • Help travelling to and from the hospital and appointments
    • Assistance with everyday tasks such as cleaning the home
    • Prompting and support with taking medication
    • Assisting with dressings and pain relief
    • Supporting someone with their treatment or therapy
    • Assisting with mobility around the home (e.g. getting up the stairs)
    • Maintaining nutrition and cooking
    • Assisting with shopping and trips outside of the home
    • Helping with incontinence and bathroom assistance
    • Preventing falls and accidents at home
    • Assisting with personal care (e.g. washing and dressing)

    These services can be provided by Curam's live in carers, overnight carers or hourly carers, depending on the level of care needed.

  • How much does after hospital care cost?

    Carers are self-employed and set their own rates on our platform. The cost of care is often determined by the level of care required. Their rates vary according to the carer’s location, experience and qualifications.

    The average hourly care rate charged by carers on Curam is £16 per hour, with rates starting at £13 an hour. Sleeping night care is usually charged at a fixed rate, with rates starting at £80 per night. The average live-in care rate charged on Curam is £880 per week, with rates starting at £750 a week. Carer rates include our fee of 12.5% + VAT.

  • How do I arrange home care after a hospital stay?

    To arrange after hospital care on the Curam platform, you can filter by care type, condition experience, languages spoken and more in your search for a carer. If you see a particular carer that fits your criteria, send them a message asking their availability and outlining your care needs.

    Alternatively, you can tell us your care requirements and carers that fit those needs will apply to your Curam account. We recommend that you call or meet your carer of choice before contracting with them. Click here for some advice on interviewing a carer.

  • Types of care available after hospital discharge?

    A specialist after hospital carer or personal assistant can support patients by offering the following care types:

  • Who is after hospital care for?

    After hospital care is for anyone that is looking for assistance after being discharged from hospital. Post-hospital care can vary widely depending on the condition which you were in hospital for.

    Some people may need care for just one hour every couple of days (e.g. to help with replacing bandages etc.) or you may need more comprehensive care in the form of an overnight or live-in carer.

  • How soon after I am discharged will I receive care?

    It is advisable to try to arrange after hospital care while you are still in hospital. This will ensure that you can receive care as soon as you get home.

  • Can after hospital care include physiotherapy?

    Yes, many Curam carers are experienced in physiotherapy and can provide this form of specialist care. You can either filter for physiotherapy experience in your carer search, or specify when you tell us your care requirements.

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