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Finding a trusted live-in carer

Just got easier.

Care Type

Live-in Care

With a live-in carer, you can live life on your own terms in your own home.

Why use live-in care?

  • Remain living independently in your own home
  • Support with domestic tasks and chores
  • Assistance with mobility
  • Companionship and security
  • Help with medication and medical equipment
  • Aid with visiting friends and family

Why chose live-in carers with Curam?

The best care comes when we have a positive relationship with those who assist us.

Curam allows you to choose who that person is, making them a consistent and familiar presence in your life.

What you expect to pay for live-in carers/personal assistants?

With Curam, you only pay for the care delivered.

Live-in care costs begin at £120 per day or £800 per week. Carers’ fees vary depending on their experience and your care requirements.

Prices can be negotiated with the carer and include Curam’s fees.