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Home Care Vs Care Homes

Home Care Vs Care Homes

20 April 2020

The decision between joining a care home or hiring a self-employed home carer can be a difficult one. You first need to know what options are available and then decide what level of support is most appropriate.  

Nothing is more certain than death and taxes. What Benjamin Franklin missed from his famous quote is a third certainty: ageing. A word we culturally resist. Why? Ageing isn’t a bad thing. The twilight years can bring a sense of calm from the relentless rush of modern living. In reality, we don’t resist ageing - we resist the idea of not living on our own terms. 

Living independently is not always an option the older and more frail we get. By knowing what care options are available, you can decide how to transition to assisted living as you age. 

Assisted living sounds like a fast track to a care home. And for some, residential care will be the obvious and only answer. Care homes provide accommodation, medical and personal care for anyone who needs support during the day and overnight. Services, facilities and prices will vary across location and providers. It’s an expensive option but one which provides a full package of medical, social and personal care provision. 

Before you sign that care home contract, have you considered home care?

Home care’s main benefit is obvious: you remain in your own home. If needed, physical alterations can be made to improve the safety of your home. Rails, mobility aids, gadgets and technology all exist to enhance our environment. It’s also beneficial to our mental health to live in the familiarity and safety of our own home. 

Jeanette was 84 when her forgetfulness started to become a problem. She was physically fit, but a diagnosis of dementia meant it was becoming unsafe to remain home alone. Her children worried. A care home was discussed but the idea was frightening to Jeanette. She had friends nearby, she worried about loneliness. What was her solution? Home care. 

Home carers are personal assistants, or nurses, who help you at home to meet your care needs. Services vary depending on need, but range from cleaning the house and running errands, to medical assistance and personal hygiene. For many, the company of a familiar carer is reassuring and makes them feel secure living independently at home. 

The decision between a nursing home, care home, residential home, assisted-living facility or a home carer may be decided for you by a medical or monetary need. For Jeanette, she felt she still had a choice. A care home might be suitable in the future, but for now hiring a self-employed hourly carer through Curam gave her many benefits: 

Home carers are flexible – giving you control

Relying on others can leave you feeling you have little control or choice. A home carer can reinstate that feeling. With Curam, you decide the time and type of care you need. Medical care, housekeeping or simply a companion can be provided flexibly, and on your own terms, through home care. 

Home care is less expensive

Full-time residential care is expensive because it needs to be. Tally up accommodation, food, medical and care support and the bill can be extensive. If you don’t have complex medical care needs, home care can provide all you need at a fraction of the cost. With Curam you only pay for the care you receive from your chosen carer. There are no extra costs, contracts or fees

Home care improves mental health

Familiar surroundings boost our wellbeing. We take comfort from ornaments, photos and possessions which speak to us of our happiest moments. We can physically cope better in a known environment. Got a pet? Sadly, care homes often deny the companionship of animals. By contrast, a home carer can help you navigate hazards at home, assist with daily living tasks and even walk the dog. 

Home care is tailored to your needs 

Home care is like a package holiday - you can add on the extras as you need them. That makes it a cost-effective option. Your needs may be met by hiring a carer to perform domestic chores. As time progresses, you can add on help with medication, or washing, bathing, dressing. It’s your choice to increase or reduce care services as and when you need them. 

Home care can be 24-hours

Overnight carers support you when others can’t. Their presence gives you the security to sleep better, knowing there’s help available from dawn til dusk. Managing complex medical needs, toileting, rehabilitation or simply safety are some of the reasons people choose overnight home carers. Rehabilitation at home can speed recovery times and eliminate the need for short-term nursing home care. 

Home carers allow you to socialise

We are all social creatures in some way and isolation is detrimental to our wellbeing. Our happiness is often based on the connection we have with friends, family and social events. Driving to appointments, visiting friends and family, attending social clubs or keeping up with technology like Skype and Zoom can all be achieved with the help of a home carer. Home carers are themselves an answer to loneliness. Curam carers have personal profiles to give clients an insight into them as individuals. You chose the carer who is right for you - a natural companion, someone to rely on and trust. 

Home carers can provide domestic help

There are countless benign daily stresses that come with living independently. Meals to prepare, dishes to wash, shopping to buy, clothes to launder, admin to sort – the list is long. A home carer can alleviate the burden of these essential tasks, so you can pursue your own interests while still living a healthy life at home. 

Home carers can provide respite care

The line between family and carer is blurred. Loved ones often assume the role of carer, supporting and assisting at the times it’s needed most. It can be tiring, strain relationships and be physically demanding. Family needs a break from the routine of care. In these moments, a respite home carer can step in and assume their role for a time. With an opportunity to recover, our loves ones can return to their care responsibilities rested and refreshed. 

Find out more about Curam home carers. We are a fairer care community, and we believe great value care comes from valuing great carers. Sign up today and find your perfect home carer. 

Author Jody