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Finding a trusted respite carer

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Care Type

Respite Care

Self-care is so important. When we take time to rest, we can care for others more compassionately. A short break to reconnect with friends over a coffee can restore your energy levels, and bring back that sense of ‘self’. Other times, a longer break may be needed, such as a few days away, or the chance to attend a special event. Take the time you need with respite care, knowing your loved one is receiving the best possible support.

How can respite care help?

Planning the breaks you need should be an integral part of your care routine. Respite care can be as flexible as you need it to be. An afternoon, a night, a few days, or even several weeks away can be easily covered by a trusted respite carer. Sometimes, life is unpredictable. In the moments when you’re faced with an emergency or sudden change in situation, respite care can ease the pressure. It’s natural to worry about leaving your loved one in the care of someone new. The good news is, respite care is less disruptive than temporary residential care, as routines are maintained in familiar surroundings.

Why choose respite care with Curam?

Curam can help you plan for the breaks you need, by finding respite care which is flexible and suits your lifestyle.

Why use respite care?

  • Renew energy levels and rest
  • Cover for unexpected situations
  • Attend special events or holidays

What you can expect to pay for respite cares?

Respite care is flexible and so too, are the carers’ fees. Depending if you need a few hours, or a few weeks away, care fees adjust to your requirements. A respite carer will charge similar rates for hourly care or live in care, but these can be higher over busy periods such as Christmas.