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Finding a trusted respite carer

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Care Type

Respite Care

If you provide care for a loved one, take the time you need with respite care, knowing your loved one is receiving the best possible support.

Why use respite care?

  • Renew energy levels and rest
  • Cover for unexpected situations
  • Attend special events or holidays

Why choose respite care with Curam?

Curam can help you plan ahead by finding respite care which is flexible and suits your needs.

What you can expect to pay for respite care?

With Curam, you only pay for the care delivered.

Respite care is flexible and so too are the carers’ fees, but on average can cost from £13 per hour. However, these can be higher over busy periods such as Christmas.

Prices can be negotiated with the carer and include Curam’s fees.

Find, book and pay your carer with Curam

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