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How to Get Out of Hospital Quickly 

How to Get Out of Hospital Quickly 

04 December 2020

Patients often don’t get discharged from hospital quickly and have to wait a while after being deemed medically fit to leave. The main reason for this wait tends to be the time it takes to arrange post-hospital care. Many people in hospital may feel worried about not getting out of hospital in time for a family event, work commitment, or important occasion. With Curam, clients can hire a post-hospital carer quickly so that they are able to leave hospital as soon as they are ready to. 

Let’s look at why it often takes so long to get discharged from hospital and how someone can get out of hospital faster with Curam. 


How long do people normally have to wait to get discharged from hospital?  

People often end up staying in hospital for longer than is necessary. At any given time, almost 30% of people in hospital are fit to go home, but have not been discharged. Moreover, on average, people wait between 22-44 days after being deemed fit to leave hospital until they actually get to go home.   


Why do people stay in hospital longer than is needed?  

The most common reason why people have to wait to be discharged from hospital is the time it takes for decisions to be made about their future care. This could be due to a needs assessment or waiting for a package of care to become available. Unfortunately, often the level of care provided to a person is not suited to their needs when they leave hospital and thus was not worth the wait.   

In fact, the number of people that are sent home after a stay in hospital is only a fraction of the amount of people whose best option would be to receive care at home. According to the Integration and Better Care Fund, the number of people who should receive at-home care should be double and the number of people receiving convalescent care should be triple what it currently is.   


Why choose a post-hospital carer with Curam?  

If you hire a convalescent carer with Curam, you can quickly get the care and support you need. We often see clients hiring a carer within an hour of signing up to our platform. This means that people will be able to be back in their own home as soon as they are deemed medically fit enough.  

The Curam app is easy to download to your mobile device. Our app is also easy to use, and a free job posting will receive an average of 5 applications from potential carers. This means that with Curam, not only will you be able to hopefully leave hospital on time, but you will also have a choice of who you want your carer to be. This helps the care recipient to feel in control of their recovery and care plan. 

It is important that clients have a positive, friendly relationship with their carers, especially after a stay in hospital. The carers on the Curam platform are trusted, vetted and experienced, but don’t just take it from us, check out the reviews from both our clients and carers on our Trustpilot page


How much does post-hospital care cost with Curam?   

With Curam, you only pay for the care delivered. Post-hospital care can come in the form of hourly care, overnight care or live-in care. A client can expect to pay the following prices for convalescent care with Curam:   

·     Hourly Care: You can expect to pay from £13 to £16 per hour.    

·     Overnight Care: Overnight care typically covers the hours between 10pm and 8am, and can cost a fixed rate of £90 per shift, or £14- £18 hourly for waking care.    

·     Live-in Care: Live-in care costs begin at £120 per day or an average of £800 per week.    

 Carers’ rates vary depending on their experience and your care requirements, and these prices can be negotiated with the carer.    


How to hire a post-hospital carer with Curam   

The quickest way to find a carer is to create a job advert on the Curam website (we'll walk you through how to create this in the next paragraph). You'll then be able to hire a post-hospital carer as soon as possible, and return home to your family, friends and pets.  

Job adverts are completely anonymous and free. Carers will not see who is posting the ad until you have accepted their application for the job, and you only pay for the care that is delivered. As soon as a carer applies for the job, you will be able to review their profile and arrange to interview them. This way, you can meet a post-hospital carer before hiring them to make sure they are the right fit for you and your family.   


How to create a job ad for post-hospital care with Curam    

You can create a job advert on the Curam website, all you have to do is fill in a few details about yourself and the carer you are looking for. Click here to create a job advert now!  

Curam will post the ad on their jobs board to allow suitable carers to apply for the role to help you get home. You will be able to interview the candidates that you like the most and you can always call our client support team if you need any help with your choice or the hiring process.  


We’re here to help!  

If you would like to hire a carer, or you know a friend or family member that wants to hire a post-hospital carer, you can create a free job advert on the Curam platform now!  

Here at Curam, we want to help you and your loved ones find the best carer for you. If you need any support or want to ask a question about Curam, convalescent care or any other care related issues, do not hesitate to email our client support team on Our support services are available every week day (except bank holidays). 

If you are a carer who would like to know more about working with Curam, you can contact the carer support team on Alternatively, you can call us on 01387 730766. 



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