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- Female carer only. - I am looking for a carer for my 11 year old daughter. - She currently does not attend school and receives home tutoring provided by the school. She has Asperger's and Mental Health problems. - I am provided a budget provided by social work to have a carer to come in support her, I am looking for someone about 20 hours per week. - I can be flexible with the days I would prefer Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as she is with family on a Friday. - The carer must

Care for elderly couple but mainly the gentleman. We are in the middle of nowhere so a car would be handy. Hoping for an initial 6 weeks and then we see how we go. The job is to give my mother time and space to recover from a small stroke. Both parents are able mentally but getting slower physically my father walks with a Zimmer. Although my father comes out of hospital on Monday a start day of any day next week could be contemplated. many thanks. - Please check location using postcodes

Has Mobility issues but currently waiting for surgery - approx a months time so will need assistance until then and possibly for convalescence period afterwards. 5 days a week, 2 hours per day (days to be discussed) Immediate start

Female carer please. 2 nights per week. Kathleen is in fairly good health for her age, independent and fiesty but her balance is bad so we are worried about during the night if she wants to go to the bathroom. We have care in place for during the during the day to assist her with meals, personal care etc. She had a recent fall which has prompted us to seek overnight help. Kathleen now sleeps downstairs . The house has an upstairs bedroom and bathroom where a carer can rest/ sleep during the

- Overnight care for my elderly mother - Looking for a few hours during the night - Female carer please Check postcode on Google Maps

- Female carer please, - We are looking for someone who can be a companion/friend to our Mum. - She lives on her own and is lonely, you must be a car driver, and have your own transport. - Possibility of days or times being flexible. - Taking her out of the house to a local coffee shop, to the cinema, shopping or for lunch. - Please check location using post code in Google Maps. - Exemption is claimed under Equality Act 2010, Schedule 9.

√ā¬£12-15/hr - flexible times, immediate start We are looking for a carer to assist for 1-3 hours a week. Hours are extremely flexible - can be any time between 10am-midnight. Assistance around the house and with shopping. Both my girlfriend and I are trans and queer. Both of us have physical and mental illnesses and require care. We need someone that will respect our identities and our pronouns (mine are they/them, and my girlfriend's are she/her). Hours to be discussed. Thank you (:

Female carer please for elderly lady. - My mother is fit and well generally but has recently been suffering from anxiety and needs companionship mainly in the home. - Sometimes she is a bit wobbly so might need help to the bathroom or somebody waiting outside the shower to give her confidence. - She doesn't need help with personal care. Exemption is claimed under Equality Act 2010, Schedule 9 - Please check location using post code in Google Maps

Female Carer please. √ā¬£900/week. I have cerebral palsy, arthritis, complex PTSD due to childhood abuse. Acid reflux, bile reflux delayed gastric emptying. Full time electric wheelchair user, self hoists with supervision. Enjoys socialising, visiting new places, voluntary work. Sometimes go out on my own to familiar places but will.also ask you to accompany me at other times. Exemption is claimed under Equality Act 2010, Schedule 9

Driver required - 6 hours at the weekend - 3 x 1 hour Saturday and Sunday for elderly lady with dementia and incontinence.

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