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Everything You Need To Know About Curam

Everything You Need To Know About Curam

20 April 2020

Discover how to find an experienced, self-employed carer through Curam. We are an online community which connects self-employed carers with clients all across the UK. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about who Curam is and how simple it is to find a home carer. 

Who is Curam?

“Curam gives us so much more autonomy and agency – thank you” – Jess K, London.

Curam is not an agency, we do things differently. We are leading the way in socially conscious care provision by building a fairer care community online. We are a digital service which helps nurture real-life relationships. 

Curam respects the value of care. Uniquely, our structure allows us to charge clients less for a chosen carer who can earn up to 50% more*. We believe great value care, comes from valuing great carers. 

  1. Choice – you choose the carer who’s right for you from the many qualified, vetted and experienced carers we have on the site. 

  2. Cost – it’s free to join, there are no contracts to sign and more than 80% of your agreed fees will go direct to your chosen carer. The bonus? You could save up to 25%*

  3. Confidence – our insured and approved carers have on average 9 years’ experience. We will manage the admin and payments, so you can focus on being cared for. 

How Curam works

“I was so impressed with the number and quality of people on your site”, Audrey O, Southampton.

Once you’ve joined Curam, you will have access to hundreds of approved, experienced and insured self-employed carers located all across the UK. It’s free and simple to sign up. 

It’s easy to filter your search to suit your care needs. We have carers who can help with home care, domestic care, companionship, overnight care, live-in care, as well as specialists in dementia, autism, nursing care and much more. 

Whatever your needs, or budget, we will help you find a home carer right for you. 


“The carer profiles you’ve sent are some of the best I’ve seen”, Penny M, Plymouth.

We believe it’s important you decide who is delivering your care. So all approved Curam carers have an online profile. Here, you can see them, read about their experience and decide if they are a good fit for you. You can view as many as you like, shortlist your preferred carers and contact them directly to discuss rates and hours which suit you both. 

Too busy? If you prefer, we’ll search for you. Tell us your care needs and we will advertise for you (at no cost) through our jobs board. Carers on the Curam platform who match your requirements will then contact you. 


“It’s great value. I have referred several people to your site as I like your ethics”, Joanne B, Liverpool.

Curam was founded on the principle of making finance fair for clients and carers. We believe carers who are paid a fairer wage, feel valued and deliver exceptional care. We also know client budgets have to be maximised. 

Care finances are often stretched, especially with agency rates around £20 an hour – unfortunately, often as little as £8.75 of that goes to the carer. 

Uniquely, Curam has the lowest commission fee in the sector at only 12.5%+VAT. This is included in the carer’s advertised rate. There is no additional cost to you. This means, that on average our carers charge £15 an hour, and are paid £12.75.

You pay less, your chosen carer is paid more. It’s a formula we believe helps improve the value of care. 


“I was worried about managing contracts and money, thankfully you’ve made the process easy” – Steve H, Worcester. 

Curam frees you from the stress and responsibility of money management. A common misconception with using self-employed carers is to assume you’ll be burdened with contracts, DBS checks, tax and insurance. Once you’ve selected a carer on the Curam platform, we will:

  • Provide a secure online payment system

  • Verify all carers are eligible to work in the UK, have references and an enhanced DBS 

  • Create service agreement contracts which include carer insurance.

It’s simple to be part of the Curam fairer care community. Sign up today and we will help you find a carer who is right for your needs. 

*Average Curam carers charge £15 and hour and receive £12.75 of that, once Curam have taken a 12.5%+VAT commission fee. A typical Agency fee is between £18-20, with a carer taking on average £8.75. 

Author Jody