What Do Our Carers Think About Curam?

What Do Our Carers Think About Curam?

Are you a carer thinking of joining Curam? Or maybe you are a client who wants to know how Curam carers feel about the platform? This article will tell you all about why our carers love to use our platform to find home care jobs, and why you should too!  

Ever since Curam joined forces with Trustpilot in October, feedback has been flooding in about what it is like to work as a Curam carer. Trustpilot is a platform where people can share honest reviews about their experiences with Curam. These reviews let us hear what our carers really think and we have loved reading about how happy our self-employed carers are with our platform and service.

Curam’s aim is to create a better care community for both carers and clients. Not only do our carers earn more (earning £15 per hour on average), but they also get to choose who they work for, and when they want to work. It is also great for clients as they have choice over who provides their care and  control of when they get to receive care.  

Aside from the fact that carers earn on average 25% more when working with Curam (after tax and our fees), in our reviews, carers have told us the 5 best things about working with Curam: 

·     Feeling happy and proud. 

·     Being self-employed. 

·     Curam’s carer support services. 

·     The Curam app and website. 

·     Easy admin and invoices. 


Curam carers are happy carers 

We were so pleased to hear that carers who used our platform felt content, happy and wanted to continue using our service. In fact, since working for Curam, Blessed 'has never been so happy’ and Caroline ‘would never look back’.  

One of the other feelings that carers told us they had when working with Curam was pride. Carers love our mission to create a better care community, and they saw that we have the drive to achieve it. In fact, our carers told us they loved our mission in their reviews: 

·     Cheryl was ‘very happy to be affiliated with Curamcare’. 

·     Gabriele told us that we were a ‘one-of-a-kind care company’ that has ‘shaken up the care industry’. 

One of our clients, Penny, said that it was ‘heart-warming’ to know that Curam carers receive a greater amount of their hourly pay rate compared with a care agency. This shows that Curam clients and carers really value one another.  

We believe that our platform also creates happy carers because they get to choose who they work for. Gabriele went on to tell us about how lovely her Curam clients had been, and how her care had allowed them to have a great birthday. This made Gabriele want to ‘help many more clients in the future’. 


Curam carers love being self-employed  

Wendy believes that ‘if you're looking for a self-employed opportunity in care work, Curam is a great platform to use’. Many other carers said they love being self-employed and would recommend Curam to other people looking for this type of work.  

Nicolette told us that Curam is a wonderful platform as it ‘gives you the opportunity to choose when, where and for who to work’. This flexible way of working is perfect for carers. Here's just a small selection of the many benefits our self-employed carers have experienced since working with Curam:  

·     A better work-life balance. 

·     More time to spend with friends and family. 

·     More control over who they care for. 

·     More flexibility to take time off work. 

·     A better work-rest balance. 

·     Support and feedback. 

Choosing who to work for helps carers to enjoy their job as they know what the person they are going to care for is like and can decide if they are the right fit for that person. 

Care work is a rewarding job, but it can be tiring. It's useful to know that a Curam carer can take a day off if they need it (with the support of their Curam ‘micro-team’). Caroline loves the fact that self-employed carers that work with Curam can ‘pick and choose [their] hours’. Finding the right balance between work and rest will help carers look after themselves and their health. 

Our platform helps self-employed carers to get the most out of care work. Annika also told us that ‘even though we're self-employed, we receive so much help and feedback from Curam’. In fact, Curam helps self-employed carers by making admin tasks easier and supporting them with insurance, service agreements and invoicing. 


Curam carers receive great support  

As Annika says above, one of the best things about Curam is our carer support service. Carers can rely on our carer support staff to: 

·     Explain how Curam works.

·     Answer any questions.

·     Help carers use the Curam app and website. 

·     Help solve any other issues Curam carers may have.

There were many happy comments in our reviews about the support and service that Curam provides: 

·     Cheryl said that our carer support staff were ‘professional, friendly and always on hand should any problems arise’.

·     Sophia thought that Curam has ‘great communication’.

·     Hunt believed that our carer support staff had a ‘helpful attitude’.

·     Loo gave a shoutout to Debbie for being helpful.

Debbie is part of the awesome team that supports Curam carers. Great support and service makes carers feel confident. In fact, Blessed says: ‘I have so much confidence with [Curam], as l know they will give me support when l need it’. And it is true, we are always there for our carers. 

Curam also offers self-employed carers a discounted yearly membership to the National Association of Care and Support Workers (NACAS) so that they can further their skills by taking part in low cost carer training. Curam also offer all approved Curam carers free online carer training via our training partners Qintil. 


Curam carers find our platform easy to use 

One of our main focuses at Curam is our technology. Our CuramCarer app makes it easy to find work as a self-employed carer. Our carers love how easy it is to use our app and website

·     Nancy told us that ‘the app is simple and straightforward’. 

·     Nicolette believes that ‘the recent app is brilliant' and ‘good for clients and carers’.  

·     Wendy thinks that the ‘website is very easy to use’.  

Finding care work as a self-employed carer has never been so simple. In fact, Amanda told us that signing up was easy and says that ‘the Curam app is a great tool to message, draw up agreements and invoice clients, [as it’s] very straightforward and easy to use’. 


Curam carers get paid quickly and find admin easy  

As Amanda has told us, the Curam platform not only makes it easy to sign-up and find care work, it also makes all the admin that comes with being a self-employed carer easy. On the Curam app, the service agreement templates and invoice templates have been made for carers. Curam carers just have to fill in their details. 

Curam makes sending an invoice simple and fast. In fact, Wendy told us that ‘payments of all invoices [were] dealt with quickly and professionally’ when she worked with Curam. Earning quickly makes care work even more of a reward. 

We believe that self-employed carers should earn a fair wage, and they should receive it on-time. That is why Curam guarantees payment from clients (as long as a service agreement is made before work). We also make sure that carers get paid a better wage and offer the lowest commission fees in the sector (12.5%+VAT). 


Become a Curam carer now!  

Finding care work has never been so easy and we are creating a better care community. If you want to work as a self-employed carer and you like Curam’s mission and platform, then sign up as a Curam carer today!  

We are helping you to find care work near you and making sure you are paid a fairer wage for your work. You will be able to choose where you want to work, when you want to work, and who you want to work for. We also promise to give you the best service and support and to make admin and invoices easy.  

You can start providing care as a Curam carer after you complete these 3 simple steps: 

·     Step 1: Download the CuramCarer app and create an account 

·     Step 2: Build your profile. 

·     Step 3: Book your online interview & go live on the platform!  


A huge thank you to our carers 

We'd like to say a massive thank you to all of the carers that have left us reviews and told us all about why they love working as self-employed Curam carers. Read the rest of our reviews from clients and carers on Trustpilot. We are always here to support you and help you get the best out of our platform.