The Benefits of Live-in Care

The Benefits of Live-in Care

It can be hard to choose between the round-the-clock care options that are currently available. If you’re considering the idea of residential care homes, but can’t face the bill which comes with it, what are your options? 

Thankfully there is a safe, secure and caring alternative: live-in care. 

Curam are the UK’s largest online platform for self-employed carers and have thousands of live-in carers working with clients all across the country. Thousands of families across the UK benefit from the services of experienced live-in carers, who look after loved ones night and day.

We offer the best choice of live-in care for elderly people, those with short-term medical needs or care seekers who require assistance with tasks 24 hours a day.


Why live-in care?

Live-in carers move into your home to care for you in the hours you need it. You could be considering live-in care for the first time or you might already have a live-in carer but need to consider additional live-in carers to facilitate breaks or respite for your current carer. The main benefit of a live-in carer from Curam? The ability to choose the carer who comes to stay.  

Services which live-in carers can provide are varied and tailored to meet the needs of their individual client. This could be to:

- Assist with physiotherapy as someone recovers from an operation

- Prompt their client to take their medication

- Change dressings

- Help with personal care and bathroom assistance

- Provide security, helping those who are most vulnerable to feel safe and secure in their home

- Offer respite, so a family carer can take a break or go on holiday. 


Where to find live-in carers

There is currently a significant number of carers working through Curam as live in-carers. We receive almost universally positive feedback from our clients, which you can view on our Trust pilot review page. Why? Because Curam offers choice. You can find out more about how Curam approves live-in carers, but ultimately you decide which carer you feel comfortable living alongside. Keeping a feeling of control is very beneficial when we need to rely on others. 

You can search for a live-in carer on our app or website. Alternatively, you can create a job ad where you will be able to look through the profiles of carers who have applied to be your carer. Remember, you don't have to search for a live-in carer near you, live-in carers are often prepared to travel to you from somewhere else in the country.


Who needs live-in care?

Many people need live-in care. Sometimes, the decision is thrust upon you after an accident. A care plan for a broken hip may specify round-the-clock care. Live-in care can be an excellent option, especially in the short term, allowing you to be discharged quickly from hospital. Once at home, you have time to consider all the options available for future care.

For people living with dementia conditions, life can be hazardous, confusing and unsettling. Remaining at home can bring comfort and peace and continuity of care is key. A carer who lives in your home can safely maintain the familiar routines of home. 


Live-in care or residential care home?

Residential care homes provide every service available through a large workforce of specialist staff. For some, this will be the only safe option for care provision. 

The costs of residential care vary depending on needs, location and availability. It can be frustrating to not find a suitable space near to family and friends. Looking for care services in London is easier than say, in rural Cornwall where demand for spaces is higher. Live-in care is often a more cost-effective alternative and allows you to stay at home for longer. 


Benefits of live-in care

There are many benefits to live-in care. Staying in the comfort of your own home is beneficial fro your physical and mental health and allows you to live as independently as possible, whilst still getting the support and attention you need. Here are just some of the benefits of live-in care with Curam: 

      1. Dedicated care

A live-in carer provides focussed care throughout the day and night. The client is the only person they look after, there are no other distractions or responsibilities. A live-in carer is dedicated to just one person. 

      2. Limiting Contact

Limiting contact with others is another reason many people prefer live-in care over residential care. The pandemic in 2020 saw a huge surge in live-in care requests. Families sought ways to keep family members safe from external factors which spread illness, such as visitors and rotating carers. 

     3. Home Safety

There are dangers at home. A live-in carer can identify trip hazards and prevent accidents and falls, allowing a person to navigate their home safely. Being in your home means they’re on hand through the day or night.

     4. Protecting the vulnerable

Other risks for vulnerable people come in the form of unscrupulous cold-callers by telephone, doorstep campaigns or online scams. A live-in carer can help limit the impact of these unwanted visitors. 

     5. Dementia Care

Having a continuous, familiar carer who lives with you can be a blessing to those living with dementia. The benefits of remaining at home with a carer are enormous for those who struggle with Alzheimers. Continuing life in peaceful, safe and recognisable surroundings can improve the quality of life not just for the individual, but also for their family. 

    6. Companionship

What happens to the cat? One of the most painful consequences of residential care is the separation of pets. Many care homes will not allow animals as they have the health of other residents to consider. For many isolated people, pets bring joy and comfort. Live-in carers often extend their compassion to four legged friends - walking, feeding and grooming them so they remain at the heart of your home. A carer provides a further source of companionship and can listen to someone's stories, worries and feelings. 

    7. Independence

For families who live far away, a live-in carer is an essential point of contact for when they want updates or to visit their loved one. There’s no need to leave messages, go through a switch board or stick to the strict regulations of visiting hours. Friends and family can reach a live-in carer instantly, bringing peace of mind and comfort when it’s needed. 


Find a live-in carer today!

Curam live-in carers provide assistance with personal hygiene, companionship and domestic tasks in your home. They are insured, vetted and experienced - available to help you whenever you need it and chosen by you. 

If you’re thinking of hiring a live-in carer, download the Curam app and start searching for self-employed carers across the UK.