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Curam: the future of care provision

Curam: the future of care provision

20 April 2020

Is Curam the future of care provision?

Yes! Curam was created with a radical objective – lead the way in socially conscious care provision by building a fairer care community online.

We’re the answer to an outdated and expensive agency system. A system where clients pay too much for carers who are paid too little, leading to unreliable and inconsistent care. 

Our solution? Cut to the heart of great value care. Build an online community which connects self-employed carers with clients all across the UK. A digital introduction, which nurtures real life relationships. 

By embracing technology, we can provide great care which costs less, is more reliable and offers security.

Curam believe great value care comes from valuing great carers. 

Many of our clients appreciate that we have a model for care provision that looks after them and their carer. Our clients appreciate saving money, but feel good knowing that their chosen carer is paid more. 

Agency rates can be as high as £20 an hour, with as little as £8 going to the carer. Understandably, carers don’t feel valued for the essential work they deliver. It’s no surprise thousands leave the sector each week. 

Curam’s unique fee structure allows us to charge clients less for a carer who is paid up to 50% more. The way it works is simple. Each of our self-employed carers advertise their services, setting their own hourly, day and overnight rates based on their experience. On average this is £15 an hour. With Curam, they take home on average £12.75 an hour. 

We believe a carer who feels valued is more motivated to deliver reliable care for our clients. 

Curam believe community creates consistent, reliable care.

It can be daunting knowing where to look for a carer, especially one you know is trusted, experienced and happy in their work.

Curam at its core is a digital community that creates real life, nurturing relationships. In a community we look out for each other, we are interested in those around us, we support, enjoy and value the relationships we have. 

That is the heart of our fairer care community. 

Our carers, all across the UK, meet high standards to be part of the Curam community. We only want to introduce you to the best carers in your area. Carers who are compassionate, reliable and able to support you, whatever your level of need. 

For our valued carers, we offer a support network, linking them with local colleagues through ‘micro teams.’ This makes it easier for them to provide extra services or support when it’s needed. 

Curam believe choice builds trust 

Inviting a carer into your home can be an unsettling experience. For some, accepting a carer can lead to resistance and upset. 

Curam allows clients to choose their carer. Our online community profiles allow you to ‘meet’ our carers – see a photo, read about their hobbies and interests and check their skills, education and training. You can view as many as you like. Shortlist, then contact carers you feel are the best fit for your needs.

Giving clients the autonomy to decide who is right for their care, builds trust. That trust leads to a better care partnership, where everyone is happy. 

Curam believe experience offers security

Curam is a new way of delivering care, but we are not new to this industry.

Our founders designed Curam to provide great care, without sacrificing the security which comes from traditional care services. We take a personal touch to our recruitment, to ensure our fairer care community is filled with committed and reliable carers. 

    •    Our carers have on average 9 years’ experience

    •    We personally interview each carer who is accepted onto the platform

    •    We provide the details of 2 references, ensure they have the right to work in the UK and have the appropriate paperwork including DBS checks

    •    We provide carer insurance and a secure online payment system, meaning you don’t have deal directly with finances or admin. 

We are confident in the ability of carers in the Curam community. Our strict standards mean, you can feel the same.  

Curam believes technology makes care provision easier

We all rely on technology to make our busy lives easier. To take out the boring, mundane aspects of admin. To provide reassurance and reviews before we purchase. 

It can be daunting to embrace new technology. We like things easy and familiar. Curam is pioneering a new way of care provision, with technology that is intuitive, easy to navigate and simple to use. 

The Curam APP allows us to: 

    •    Increase the speed in which care provision can be organised

    •    Provide security with alerts for arrival and leave times

    •    Notify users with visit summaries, taking account of tasks completed and next steps for care

    •    Give opportunities to leave reviews, building up trust in our carers

    •    Pay carers securely without needing to handle cash or cheques

    •    Instantly see the qualifications, experience and interests of our carers

    •    Have opportunities to chat with carers through our messaging service

    •    Share information with family and friends about care provision needs

Even though Curam is a new technology and the future of sustainable, realisable care provision, we are at heart a community of real people, passionate about delivering great care.

Curam is free to join, there are no contracts – be part of it and sign up today.

Author Jody