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Working as a Self-Employed Carer


Jody O'Neill

April 20, 2020

Working as a Self-Employed Carer

At Curam, we are passionate about creating a better care community. One that respects the true value of care. 

Have you ever thought - what is working as a self-employed carer really like? If you have, then read on and discover who Curam are. We will also tell you how to sign up, earn more (£15 per hour on average after our fees of 12.5%+VAT) and find work as a self-employed carer. 

There’s a reason why thousands of carers have signed up to the Curam platform in the past twelve months – we do things differently. 


What is Curam? 

Curam is a platform for self-employed carers to find work. To be approved on the platform you must be self-employed or work through a limited company or LLP. This might sound daunting, but working as a self-employed carer through the Curam platform is simple and has numerous benefits.   

Curam’s role is to help you find clients. You can search and filter for some of the available clients on our carer jobs list page. We have hundreds of clients signing up every week all across the UK. Our carer insurance and secure payments via the Curam app make self-employment simple. There’s no joining fee and it’s free to sign up.


The benefits of being a self-employed carer 

Set your rates, choose your clients and work the hours that suit your lifestyle.  

One of the main benefits of being self-employed is flexibility. Through Curam, you might find several clients to work for on a regular basis, or live-in full time with just one client for a number of weeks at a time before taking a break. You can work the hours that suit you as you are free to work part-time, or to combine caring with another role. Here are some of the other benefits of being a self-employed carer with Curam: 

    •    Earn a higher hourly/ daily rate 

    •    Offset certain expenses against your income to reduce your tax bill 

Earn What You Like  

Curam was launched in 2018 with a mission to create a platform where motivated, quality carers receive a fair income. Working as a self-employed carer with Curam means you can set the hourly, day or overnight rate that you think reflects your skills and experience. That’s the reason carers tell us they’ve signed up with Curam – because they earn more (earning on average £15 per hour).   

Low commission fees 

Our fees are the lowest in the care sector, enabling you to earn more and clients to pay less. 

Our commission fee of 12.5% (+VAT) is the lowest in the sector. That means if you set a rate of £16 an hour, you will take home £13.60 an hour. 

Why do we need to charge a fee? It primarily pays for advertising your profile, providing service agreements, a secure payment system, carer insurance and our CuramCarer app.  


Joining Curam 

Curam is open to anyone who wants to work as a self-employed carer. 

The Curam ethos is to create a better care community. This means that we welcome carers who are new to the sector and those who have years of experience. Experience does pay, and you are able to charge clients a rate which reflects your expertise and skill.  

It’s simple to sign up with your contact details and the application process only takes about 20 minutes to complete. 


Types of care work 

As a self-employed carer you can work locally and are free to combine your work with another role. 

We have clients looking for carers all across the UK. No matter where you live, we can help you find work local to you. Many of Curam’s clients are looking for: 

    •    Live-in carers

    •    Overnight carers

    •    Hourly carers

    •    Dementia carers 

    •    Respite carers    

    •    Autism carers 

    •    Palliative carers 

    •    Carers with experience of helping adults and young people with learning disabilities 

    •    Domestic carers to help around the home 

    •    Carers for companionship    

    •     Specialist carers, such as Parkinson’s carers or spinal cord injury carers  


Finding work 

We advertise your profile for free and email you when new jobs become available. 

There are two ways Curam can help you find care jobs. 

    •    Through your online profile on the Curam platform:  

    •    Using the Curam jobs board 

Online Curam profile  

This is like an online CV, where you outline your skills and experience, attach a great photo and tell clients a little bit about yourself. It doesn’t need to be long, just a snapshot of your carer experience and how much you’d like to charge. 

Curam jobs board 

Clients can post adverts for carers which you are free to respond to. We will also email you if new posts appear in your area.  

We will also advertise your profile to our clients. That way, they can contact you directly, giving you the opportunity to discuss the hours and rates you’re both happy with and the role they wish you to undertake. 


Any Questions?  

If you want to know more about Curam or have any questions about being a self-employed carer, please visit our FAQs. 

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