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How to hire a care assistant

Once you have signed up to the site you can view and message carers. Type in
the postcode for where the care is required and which type of care you need (hourly, live-in or overnight) and the platform will identify the most suitable carers. 

We then recommend that:

1. You message those carers to discuss your requirements which you think might be
suitable and they should respond to you within 24 hrs. Please try to be as
flexible as possible, the carers on our site are growing a team of clients - the
more flexible you are, the greater choice of carer you will have.

2. Once you have agreed responsibilities and terms and ideally had a face-to-face
meeting, your carer will send you a service agreement through the platform for your

3. When you approve the service agreement, the first shift invoice will appear on your screen. Check that the dates, times and fees are correct.

4. Next you will need to click on the “Approve and pay” button to arrange payment. We use
‘Mangopay’ as a very secure third party online payment mechanism. Their login box
appears asking for your credit card details. Please complete and then your
payment is held securely in a third party account and will only be released to the
carer after the weekly schedule of care is completed.

5. If your care is ongoing, your carer will send you your weekly shift invoices for
approval. Click on the “Approve and pay” button to approve each week’s payment. You
will always have a 24 hour window after the end of the shift to query any payments before they are
transferred to your care workers account.