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We've got an exciting new feature that will make choosing a carer even easier.

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Tilly Rowe

January 20, 2023

We've got an exciting new feature that will make choosing a carer even easier.

Carer recommendations


We've got an exciting new feature that will help choosing a carer even easier.


Clients can now recommend carers they’ve hired with Curam, which will then be visible to anyone viewing that carer’s profile.


Here’s an example of one of the recommendations a client recently left for Curam carer Sinem:


"Sinem joined our family to care for our frail and elderly father. Working short notice night sits and a live-in role Sinem was excellent. Knowledgeably and gently carrying out the necessary care required, dealing with difficult medical situations, liaising with the supporting carers and family. All while remaining utterly professional but with a light-hearted, positive attitude. I could not recommend her more highly." 09/01/2023


How does this work?

You can recommend any Curam carer you've worked with, regardless of how long ago it was. To do this head to the Curam app and select the 'recommend your carer' tab in the dropdown menu.


Where can I see carer recommendations?


You will be able to read recommendations left by other clients when browsing carers’ profiles.This will help you make a more informed decision on hiring a carer.


You can also see a selection of carer recommendations on the Curam homepage.



Since rolling out the carer recommendation feature on Curam, we've been blown away by the wonderful feedback clients have shared about their carers.


These recommendations are a truly valuable way to recognise the fantastic work carers do.


To show our appreciation to our carers, each month one deserving carer in receipt of a client recommendation, will be awarded Curam's Carer Of The Month and receive a £100 Amazon voucher.


Here are some other examples of fantastic carer recommendations clients have given their Curam carers:


"Vonni looked after my 91 year old father for a week in December. He felt comfortable with her straight away and Vonni gave him wonderful care whilst she looked after him. She also blended in well with family when they were visiting. I can highly recommend her and will certainly see if she available first when we next need to look for care." - 09/01/23


"I would just like to say, how blessed I am to have Jacqueline as my carer. Her care and attention to me, her understanding and thoughtfulness and her really pleasant personality are so valued by me. Jacqueline always leaves feeling relaxed and revitalised after her visits. ..........Can’t wait until her next visit." - 10/01/2023



You might have already recommended your carer, if so we really appreciate you taking the time to do this.

If you haven't yet done this and would like to recommend your carer then just head to the Curam Client App or website and go to the section titled 'Recommend your carer'.

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