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How to Make Curam Work For You

How to Make Curam Work For You

26 November 2020

Are you looking for a self-employed carer? Maybe, you’re thinking how to make your care budget stretch a little further. Perhaps, you’re fed up with an agency system that is slow, outdated and leaves you with little choice in your care provision. 

If this sounds like you, Curam can solve your search for great value, professional care. We do things differently - we are a fairer care community. 

I’ve never heard of Curam, what makes you different?

Our mission is to improve the lives of carers and clients with a fairer system of care provision.

Our website and apps connect self-employed carers directly with clients all across the UK. We are a digital introduction, which nurtures real-life relationships.

Our technology allows clients to pay less for a chosen carer who earns more. By offering choice Curam enables clients to live independently at home with a carer they can trust.  

Can I trust Curam?

Yes. We are currently the UK’s largest online source of carers. Many Local Authorities, NHS Trusts and individual clients trust us to find experienced self-employed carers every day. 

But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the independent reviews of our service on Trust pilot

Is it expensive?

No. Curam was created with a radical objective - build an online community of self-employed carers where everyone benefits from a fee structure which values great care. 

What does that mean? It means you pay less for a carer who earns more. 

Uniquely, Curam has the lowest commission fee in the sector. This is included in the carer’s advertised rate. There is no additional cost to you. On average, our carers charge £15 an hour and earn £13.10.

As one of our clients said “I had no idea my agency was taking 45% in fees. I felt it was unfair as my carer worked hard and was fantastic company. I feel good knowing Curam makes sure my carer is paid well.”

What is the difference between an Agency and a Self-Employed Carer?

An agency employs carers and decides where and when they work. A self-employed carer works for themselves and is liable for their own tax and National Insurance contributions.

As a client, you do not employ them. So you pay for their services in a similar way you would from a care agency. The main benefit with a Curam self-employed carer is that most of what you pay goes directly to them. This arrangement elevates their pay from £8.75 an hour to £13.10* - at no extra cost to you. 

You can hear from real Curam carers about what it’s like being self-employed.

Who chooses a carer for me?

You. Curam has thousands of self-employed carers which our clients are free to review, interview and speak with before they choose to hire them. It’s care the way you want it. 

Once you’ve found a carer you think is a good fit, you can negotiate rates and hours which fit your lifestyle and care needs. 

I’m worried there’s lots of work involved in hiring self-employed carers.

No. We and the carer take care of all the admin side - that’s what our commission pays for. 

While using a self-employed carer, many people assume they’ll be burdened with DBS checks, tax and insurance. Not with Curam. 

Curam will:

·      Provide a secure online payment system

·      Verify all carers’ eligibility to work in the UK, check references, qualifications and enhanced DBS 

·      Facilitate the process of you hiring an experienced, insured and vetted carer


I’m not confident with technology - how do I use Curam?

Curam was designed to be simple to use. It is free to join with no contracts, so becoming part of the community is easy. We have a website and you can now download our Client and Carer Apps.

There are two easy ways to find a Curam self-employed carer:

 OPTION 1: Sit back and wait

  1. Sign up
  2. Tell us your care needs and we will advertise for you through our Jobs page
  3. Sit back and wait for carers to contact you

OPTION 2: Browse through the community   

  1. Sign up & create a job post
  2. Search the carers who are available in your area
  3. Filter those who meet your care needs
  4. Shortlist the carers you think are a good match and make contact through the site
  5. Select your carer - you can get in touch through the platform to agree rates and services
  6. Enjoy your care - we will administer the contracts and organise payments

I’m worried I’ll be left without care if my carer is off sick.

Curam was established to improve the quality of care provision in the UK. Part of that is to support our carers. So, we designed our ‘micro-team’ system - a small community of local carers who help each other.

If your carer is unwell, or unable to work at short-notice and you would like a member of their micro-team to take their place, they may be able to help. It’s an optional support system, but it can also be used for times when you need extra services if you would like them. The micro-teams are familiar with each other and able to share information quickly to support their clients. 

Do you need any more information?

If there’s anything you’re unsure about, our friendly Curam team is more than happy to help. Get in touch and let us help you find a self-employed carer who is right for you. 


Call: 01387 730 766

*Average Curam carers charge £15 an hour and receive £13.10 of that, once Curam have taken a 12.5%+VAT commission fee (as of 1st November 2020). A typical agency fee is between £18-20, with a carer taking on average £8.75. 




Author Annika