How To Write A Standout Carer Profile

How To Write A Standout Carer Profile

How to write a great carer profile? Rest assured, it’s not hard when you know the basics. This Curam guide will help you improve your carer profile and give you the hints and tips needed to write what clients want to read. A good profile is a powerful way to market yourself to clients and a great help in getting new job offers. 

Putting it simply, writing a great profile is the best way to attract clients. Our clients rely on carer profiles to help choose who to contact for work. The information in your profile is much more than a CV - it’s a chance to let your personality shine through.

Care is about people, and the relationships we create. Care is a role which requires empathy, compassion and patience. Care is about closeness, the joy of supporting others to live independently, giving respite to struggling family members and helping people find peace at the end of their lives. 

Here’s our guide to writing a great carers profile.

The Carer app contains sections for:

  1. Contact details and rates

  2. Your qualifications and professional training courses: eg. NVQ levels, health & safety,

  3. Your expertise: e.g late stage dementia care

  4. Household duties: eg. administration, washing etc 

  5. Personal care duties: eg. bathroom assistance, grooming etc

  6. Your interests and hobbies

  7. A personal bio

The ‘My Bio’ section - is the part of your personal profile which summarises all your skills. It’s the first impression you give clients. 


A good way to write a profile is to describe yourself in three words. The most successful profiles contain words and phrases which clients want to see. 

·      Compassionate

·      Caring

·      Kind

·      Friendly

·      Approachable

·      Good listener

·      Empathetic

·      Experienced

·      Professional

·      Hard working

·      Excellent communication skills

·      Skilled

·      Patient

PROFILE 1: “I am kind, hardworking and a good communicator.”

PROFILE 2: “I am patient, a good listener and enjoy working closely with others - especially older people.”

PROFILE 3: “I am friendly, chatty and hard working.”


Three word phrases are a good introduction for a carer profile - but they don’t work on their own. You need to give them meaning with short examples. Start by saying how many years experience you have as a carer. 

PROFILE 1: “I have 7 years experience working in the care industry and have developed a compassionate approach. I work hard to get to know my clients, so I can help them enjoy their interests and hobbies. 

PROFILE 2: “I have more than 10 years experience as a carer. I enjoy listening to older people, I am a very patient person and am always happy to work at my clients pace, following their lead. 

PROFILE 3: “I have worked as a carer for 9 years now and work very efficiently. I enjoy my job and like talking with clients as I perform my duties. 


Next, you need to tell clients what areas of care you can perform. It’s important to be honest so you find the right client. 

Some areas to consider are:

  1. Conditions specialism (dementia, autism, stroke, children) 

  2. Skills (grooming, cooking, driving)

  3. Types of care (hourly, overnight, live-in, respite)

PROFILE 1: “I have worked with people with dementia, chronic conditions and I have provided end of life care. Recently, I provided care for stroke rehabilitation including speech and language therapy. I also have experience of anxiety and depression care.”

PROFILE 2: “I have worked in end of life care for many years, helping to make clients comfortable at home as a live in carer. I work well with other palliative care team members, such as doctors, and also with supporting family members with respite care.”

PROFILE 3: “I am experienced in personal grooming and I enjoy helping clients look their best. I can assist with hygiene, toileting, eating, cooking, cleaning and any administrative tasks which need support. I have a full clean driving license and enjoy taking clients out to meet friends.”


What made you become a carer? Do you have experiences outside of care which are interesting or relevant? A short answer can give clients a reason to believe you are the best. 

PROFILE 1: “Before becoming a carer, I worked as a primary teacher for 20 years, I enjoyed the experience of working with children.”

PROFILE 2: “I became a carer while looking after my partner. When he died, I decided to carry on, working as a live-in carer to support people with end of life needs.”

PROFILE 3: “I love looking after other people, when my children left home, I decided to become a carer and continue what I’m good at.”


Care is about the relationships we create. Clients often want to know if they share interests or hobbies - this can create a good connection with a new carer. 

PROFILE 1: “I love reading, especially crime fiction novels. I am part of my local church and help to run the childrens activities. Last year, I got a Scottish terrier puppy called ‘Bobby’ and I love taking him on long walks.”

PROFILE 2: “I am a good cook! It’s a big part of my life and I love trying out new recipes. I can bake well and once won a competition for my pineapple turnover cake.”

PROFILE 3: “I’m passionate about sport - both watching and playing. I’m a Manchester United fan and play 5 a side every week with my friends.”


A goodbye, could turn into a hello. Encourage clients to contact you by keeping your sign off brief, polite and friendly. 

PROFILE 1: “Please get in touch if you think I could help you.”

PROFILE 2: “Contact me, and I’ll reply as soon as I can. Thank you.”

PROFILE 3: “Get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.”

Each carer profile is unique - that’s because you are! The best Curam carer profiles present  their skills and experience, provide short professional examples and let a bit of their personality show. 

Good luck! If you have any questions, please get in touch, so we can help you stand out on the CuramCarer App.