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How Much Does Home Care Cost in the UK?  

How Much Does Home Care Cost in the UK?  

22 December 2020

Receiving care at home is often less expensive than care home costs in the UK. The average cost of private home care in the UK is £20 per hour, but the cost of in-home care can vary depending on where you live, what type of care you need, and where you choose to get your care.  

The average weekly cost of live-in care is usually around £650, but it can cost up to £1600 if someone has more complex needs. You can find out what the cost of care is in your area by using Age UK and Which’s care costs calculator.  

Let’s take a look at the cost of home care in different areas of the UK, the difference between the cost of private care and local authorities care, and how much care costs on the Curam platform. 


How much does local authority care cost in the UK? 

Every year, the United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA) sets a recommended minimum hourly price for in-home care provided by the local authorities. From April 2021, the minimum recommended price of homecare organised by local councils is £21.43 per hour. It will also be recommended that people actually pay £22.73 per hour for at-home care to ensure the care is sustainable and of the right quality. Due to the higher expense of living in London, the recommended cost of local authority care in the capital is slightly higher at £25.70 per hour. 

Although these are recommended costings, the actual average hourly cost of care across the UK tends to be between £16 and £18 per hour.  


How much does private homecare cost in the UK? 

When hiring a carer privately, the price of home care can vary. As stated above, the average price of privately funded care in the UK is £20 per hour or between £650-£1600 per week. However, the price of at-home care is different in certain parts of the country. For example, live-in dementia care may cost more in the south of England than in the north of England. 

The cost of in-home care can also vary according to the level of care needed by a client and when they receive care. For example, the costs of dementia care may be different for someone who has late-stage dementia, compared to early-stage dementia, as their needs are more complex. At-home care may also cost more overnight or on weekends, rather than during the day or on weekdays.  


How much does care at home cost in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland? 

To find out how much home care costs in your area of England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, type your post-code into Age UK and Which’s care costs calculator. Remember, you may pay more than the average price of care in your area if you or your loved one have more complex care needs. Furthermore, care may cost more on weekends, bank holidays or overnight. 


How much does care cost with Curam? 

The cost of private homecare will ultimately depend on where you hire a carer, as home care companies will have different prices. At Curam, carers’ rates are not based on location, but instead they are based on an individual’s expertise and skills, ensuring a high quality of care.  

The price of in-home care with Curam can vary as the self-employed carers that use our platform set their own rates, based on their experience in the care industry.  

However, the average hourly cost of home care with Curam throughout the whole of the UK is £15. This is because Curam takes a lower amount of a carer’s fee than the average home care company. This is one of the reasons why our clients would hire a carer with Curam and why our carers would recommend the platform as a way of finding care jobs. You can expect to pay the following prices for care with Curam: 

·     Hourly Care: You can expect to pay from £13 to £16 per hour depending on the carer’s rates.   

·     Overnight Care: Overnight care typically covers the hours between 10pm and 8am, and can cost a fixed rate of £90 per shift, or £14-£18 hourly for waking hours care.   

·     Live-in Care: Live-in care costs begin at £120 per day or an average of £800 per week.   

Carers’ fees vary depending on their experience and your care requirements and prices can be negotiated with the carer and include Curam’s fees. 


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