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What expenses can I take off my taxable income?

Here are just some of the allowable expenses you may deduct from your taxable profit:  

  • Clothing expenses, including PPE and uniform  

  • Training courses that are relevant to the work you do 

  • Insurance, advertising and work-related subscriptions, including Curam’s service fees (the money deducted from the rate you charge for care that pays for Curam’s service) 

  • Claim capital allowances, such as equipment you buy for your care work  

  • Phone expenses, stationary expenses and ‘work from home’ office and utilities expenses  

  • Travel costs to get to and from work and around during work, such as the cost of using your car or public transport 

It’s important that your expenses are all permissible according to HMRC. If you want to check if an expense is allowed to be taken off of your taxable profit, you can call the HMRC self-assessment helpline or talk to an accountant.