We're here to help you choose the right carer during the Corona virus pandemic COVID-19

We're here to help you choose the right carer during the Corona virus pandemic COVID-19

Curamcare is the largest source of on-line verified care assistants in the UK. More than ever we feel that client choice is now crucial for care recipient’s welfare. During the current coronavirus pandemic, we are in constant communications with all the contracting carers on our platform and their clients. We continue to allow new clients to search and advertise free of cost for high quality, experienced carers if you or a friend or family member needs help at home.

As soon as the UK Government establish guidelines for antibody testing for care assistant and creates some sort of immunity certificate we plan to allow carers on the Curam platform to update their profiles with whatever certification is produced. Clients will of course then be able to search for carers with any relevant certification.

Contact us today to discuss your care requirements or to advertise for an approved Curam carer.

How is Curam responding to the coronavirus?

Our primary aim as a business is to ensure we can support the self-employed care assistant’s on our platform and their clients as much as possible. In the short term that means weekly call to all contracting carers and their clients to check how people are getting on and if there is any further help we can provide.

We believe that information is critical for all users of the platform - we are therefore forwarding all relevant UK Government and NHS updates and information can access to the whole of our database with regard in particular to guidance and procedures relevant to the Home Care Sector. We are also requesting further information as to how self-employed care assistants can access adequate personal protection equipment. We will update the database just as soon as we have some confirmed information.

If you have any further questions please ring our client support team in working hours on 01387 730766 or email on client@curamcare.com - they will be delighted to help. The COVID-19 situation is very fast moving so we believe that email is the best and most efficient form of communication with all our stakeholders. Please check your junk folder to make sure that emails from us are not being filtered out.

“I must say I am hugely impressed with the number and quality of people you have on your site. I’ve been in touch with some remarkable ladies and am fully confident that whatever happens moving forward, there will always be somebody on your site who will be perfect. But for the moment, the three we have chosen are perfect!”