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Carers: How to Use the Curam Platform

Carers: How to Use the Curam Platform

28 April 2020

Welcome to Curam – you are on your way to becoming part of our better care community. Soon, you will hopefully join the many carers, all across the UK, who value the freedom and flexibility of working as a self-employed carer with Curam. 

At Curam, you will be able to set your own rates and work with clients that you have chosen. You’ll also benefit from paying the lowest fees in the sector (only 12.5%+VAT) so you will take home 85% of what the client pays versus on average the 50% that you get when you work with a traditional agency. As one of our newly signed-up carers said, “at last a company working for carers”. 

This carer guide will show you how to use Curam to access hundreds of care placements all across the UK. Discover how simple it is to join – it only takes 20 minutes to sign up and there are no joining fees. The steps to becoming a Curam carer include: 

    •   Signing-up 

    •   Completing a profile including a photograph and a short video 

    •   Uploading documents 

    •   Booking an interview 

For further information we’ve even made a How to Sign Up video to explain. 


STEP 1 – Sign-up and download the app 

If you haven’t already, this is how to sign up - create a Curam account with your contact details.  


STEP 2 – Complete profile 

Create an online profile. This is like an online CV - a way for clients to see what a great carer you are.  Here, you’ll write a short profile statement called a ‘Bio’. Don’t worry if you are struggling, there are tips on the site on how to write a Curam Carer profile so you’ll make the most of showcasing your skills and abilities. When creating a profile make sure you: 

    •   Attach a good photo. It’s a great and important way to make a positive first impression on clients.   

    •   Highlight your care condition expertise, hobbies, languages and qualifications.  

    •   Tell people what you want to charge. This can be an hourly day/night rate, a 24-hour rate or weekly live-in rate.  

 NOTE: Don’t forget the rate you advertise will include our 12.5% commission plus VAT (the lowest in the sector). For example, if you advertise at £15, you will receive £12.75 an hour.  


STEP 3 – Essential admin 

Upload your documents: National Insurance Number, DBS, PVG or NI Access number and references. These are all held securely on the platform and are not disclosed to anyone without your permission. 


STEP 4 – Book an on-line call 

You’re almost there. We need to have an informal chat before we can approve your application. This will take about 15 minutes. Simply book a whatsapp or Skype interview with one of our friendly Curam team at a time which suits you.   


Welcome to Curam! 

Now your profile can go live. You will have access to hundreds of advertised care placements on our jobs board and you can apply for any which suit you. 

On the Curam platform we will advertise your profile for free to all the Curam clients looking for a carer throughout the UK. We will also pay for your carer insurance and automatically update you about new jobs in your area via the app.  

So, now you know how to sign up, take 20 minutes to join Curam’s better care community today. 

Author Annika