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Carers Week - Time To Care For Carers

Annika Eade

June 08, 2020

Carers Week - Time To Care For Carers

How do you know if you’re a carer?

You might think, you need to have a salary or to be paid. You might think you have to be an adult. For many, the lines between love and caring are blurred.

What is Carers Week 2020

Carers Week 2020 is an initiative which seeks to raise awareness of caring. Each year, it focuses on the challenges 6.5 million UK carers face and shines a light on the contribution they make to society. The goal is to raise funds and direct carers to the organisations which can help them.

This June from Monday 8th to Sunday 14th you can get involved with Carers Week, as Carers UK and five other national charities seek to make ‘Caring Visible’.

Why Make Caring Visible?

Caring has been in the spotlight this year, as many have appreciated the value, risk and dedication of UK’s carers.

But once the clapping stops there are millions of carers left to continue alone at home. Many don’t recognise themselves as a carer. They could be the spouse who gives up a career to care for their partner. The child who skips school to look after their parent. The daughter in law who pops round every day to cook, clean and keep company with extended family members.

Caring can be rewarding but it comes with challenges.

Many carers struggle with their own well-being, often facing health issues of their own. Their contribution to society is largely unnoticed. Often, other career paths are halted or abruptly ended which can lead to financial difficulty. Knowing where to seek help and support is one way we can make care more visible.

Carers Week 2020 is focusing on 'Making Caring Visible' to get the right information and support from services to carers.

How to Get Involved with Carers Week 2020


Do you know someone who works as a carer?

One of the best ways to get involved is to talk. Invite them for a chat, ask them how they are coping with their responsibilities. Find out how you can help - pick up some shopping, or extend an invitation to dinner so they can relax? Small gestures of compassion go far in making someone feel their work is recognised and appreciated.

Sign Post

Central to Carers’ Week 2020 is Carers UK, the leading charity for carers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Their mission is to make life easier for carers. If you know a carer, then guide them to the many resources which are available for free:

      Online Support Forums

      Financial Guides and Carers Allowance

      Fact Sheets and Guides


Fundraising, donations or gifts all go towards making a huge difference to the life of carers in the UK. Find out how to donate at Carers UK.


Share, subscribe, tweet, post – introduce Carers Week to your friends and followers.

How Curam Supports Carers

At Curam, we take pride in the support we offer both our service users and our valued carers.

We encourage our carers to be part of a ‘micro team’ providing local support to individuals working as self-employed carers. These links are vital in maintaining a sense of community. Curam’s flexible model of care allows clients and carers to work in ways which suit them both. Taking a break from care, or finding extra support is simple – there are over 2,000 verified and insured carers on the Curam platform, covering the whole of the UK. If you need a hand, then the team at Curam HQ are always happy to help.

Carers stay with Curam because we do things differently, we ensure that they receive a proper reward for their hard work and we really do care about the carers on our platform. We are passionate about making a fairer care community which works for all. Find out more today.

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