Taking Back Control - Care Options During COVID

Taking Back Control - Care Options During COVID

Over the last year, the pandemic has pitched hospitals and care homes onto one of the steepest learning curves in modern history. The fast-paced transition of both of these frontlines, where the battle of COVID19 continues to be fought, is both admirable and almost incomprehensible.  

Hospitals and care homes have had their work cut out 

Hospitals and care homes have had to swiftly understand the risks the virus presented, whilst keeping the safety of residents at the heart of procedures designed to manage the impact of Covid-19. This has required them to keep pace with safety regulations, source protective equipment and maintain staffing levels.  

Some of the restrictions patients and residents have had to adapt to include: 

  • - Testing  

  • - Tiers  

  • - Limited social contact 

This has been difficult, especially for dementia patients. Every process in the logistical management of a patient’s care has been challenged and every weak link exposed. And despite all the efforts made and measures taken, the government now recognises the virus has been devastating for care homes. 

Once a care-package is agreed, what happens next?  

In an already overwhelmed system, ensuring vulnerable, elderly patients are discharged into the right care setting can be problematic for a whole host of reasons. Being able to arrange timely and cost-effective care, once a patient has been assessed as clinically fit to be discharged, should not be one of them.  

What can agencies offer?  

With a care agency's average mark-up of 50% on the cost of a carer, this puts their hourly rates at upwards of £20 an hour (of which the carer is paid an average of just £8.69 an hour). Not only are they expensive but the agency also selects the carer on your behalf, and as a result of them acting as the facilitator, also makes the process longer for care to be arranged.    

Looking to care homes 

With the current lockdown, sourcing a suitable care home is also difficult. A prospective resident is unable to decide if a care home is right for them without looking round them first which is a luxury no longer possible during a pandemic. 

How does Curam compare?  

In comparison Curam offers you a dynamic, controlled and streamlined approach to arranging care, giving whoever is arranging the care the power to select the carer they feel is best suited to the patient’s needs.  

It would be easy to assume that having so much choice makes this process longer, but with our smooth-running platform and app, and the fact you communicate directly with the carers you’re interested in hiring, means we have had clients who have sourced a carer in as little as 20 minutes.  

Carers who use the Curam platform are self-employed so Curam’s fees are the lowest in the sector at just 12.5% plus VAT. This ensures you pay less and your carer is paid more.  

Let’s break that down: 

  • - A Curam carer’s average rate is around £15 an hour  

  • - This cost includes our fees and insurance and all our carers are vetted, DBS checked, have their right to work in the UK confirmed and have 2 checkable references 

  • - The carer will receive an average of £12.75 an hour 

So you’re able to select your carer and ensure they meet the needs of the person you’re arranging care for. Also there are: 

  • - No contracts 

  • - No hidden fees 

  • - You only pay for the care provided 

  • - Our secure payment system ensures the carer is paid after the end of a shift 

This gives you peace of mind, as well as knowing who you’re hiring and that they’re being paid a fair wage for the invaluable work they do.  

How we continue to support the NHS with safe and rapid discharge 

Transfer out of hospital is quickest when your care plan is already in place. A private live-in carer through Curam can be arranged through the Curam app in as little as 20 minutes.  

If the COVID-19 pandemic has given you reason to reassess how you achieve rapid turnaround discharge to home, freeing up valuable bed space, whilst ensuring the assessed care package needs are met, drop us an email on client@curamcare.com or give one of our team a call on 01387 730766.  

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