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Choose who you are?


Why should I choose Curam?


We believe that you are the right person to choose your own carer. With Curam, you have complete control over who you hire as your carer, so you can choose the best person for you. 


We only allow carers onto the platform who have been vetted. You or your family get to choose and interview your own carer, check their qualifications, and speak to the carers' referees for extra security. 


If you create a job ad on our site, you can hire a carer within hours. This is great for emergency care, or post-hospital care. 


Curam carers have on average 10 years of experience working in the care industry. You can clearly see their qualifications and experience on their profile. This means that when choosing a carer, you know you are in safe hands.  


Curam carers charge on average 10% less than traditional care agencies, this is because we have a much lower commission fee, which ensures you receive great quality care for less. This means you can make your care budget go further, or receive more hours of care for the same price. 


Our technology takes care of all the admin associated with hiring a self-employed carer. This includes: carer insurance, service agreements and invoices, which can be easily approved by you. Also, the Curam app can securely store your payment details so that paying your carer is quick and easy. If you ever have any questions or doubts, our client support team is here to answer your queries. Just drop a line to