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What is a Personal/Individual Budget?

Your Local Authority will decide if you are eligible for help at home - this support is often but not always means tested. They work out an amount of money for you to spend on any care or support you may need. Your needs will be assessed and a personal budget will be calculated. Your Personal Budget can be used in 3 ways:

1. Direct Payment – payments are paid directly into an account of your choice, and you then pay your self-employed carers via the Curam Platform accordingly. You can also directly employ your care assistant. However, unless they work full-time for you and not for anyone else then in almost all cases this is unnecessary.

2. Your Local Authority (LA) can oversee your care – this is usually the case for people who do not have close family who can help with managing their care or who require very extensive support. They will be responsible for arranging your care, however, the provision of carers is inevitably sub-contracted by your LA to a local private agency - you will then have to accept whatever carers they send to you or your family member. Some agencies are very good, some not so good. Most struggle to retain staff.

3. A third party can manage your account – a payments agency or payroll intermediary, they will sometimes also help in recruiting your carers. They will usually encourage you to directly employ your carer and there will often be a significant charge for this service. In many cases their fees will not be transparent.

To find out if you are eligible to receive a Personal Budget, please click the link and follow the instructions. An assessment will be carried out by health & social care and a decision made.