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What is a personal assistant?

A personal assistant is a term used for someone who is not a carer in the traditional sense of the word. They often help adults, young adults and children who have disabilities with day-to-day tasks.  

Here are some of the tasks a PA can help with: 

  • Cooking, cleaning and keeping a tidy home 

  • Admin, budgeting and paperwork 

  • Social skills, communication and maintaining relationships with family and friends 

  • Companionship, interests and hobbies 

  • Study skills, finding work and maintaining accommodation 

  • Prompting someone to take their medication  

  • Giving peace of mind to a client and their family  

  • Specialist care and support with treatments 


There are many self-employed personal assistants using the Curam platform all over the UK. You can filter the results in your carer search to find the perfect personal assistant for you.  

This way, you can choose who you want your personal assistant to be. You can make sure that a person’s skills, experience and personality suit your needs and values.