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Overnight Care

Having a care worker on hand throughout the night can provide the help to get a good night's sleep and the peace of mind knowing that support is there if needed.


How night care can help?

Night care can help with lack of mobility, falls risks, anxieties over being left alone, help with getting to the bathroom, medication and conditions such as dementia.


There are typically two types of night care :

a) Sleeping night
The care worker will typically be able to get a reasonable night’s sleep, but is available to help if required. This option is recommended if you or your loved one feel uncomfortable when left alone throughout the night.

b) Waking night A waking night carer will provide ongoing support throughout the night. This is the preferred option for those who wake several times a night and may need more comprehensive assistance.

Why use night carers?

To give peace of mind and create a safe environment during the night If recovering from an injury or an operation and you need help during the night to take medication or go to the bathroom.


What can I expect to pay for night carers/personal assistants

Night care typically runs from 10pm to 8am (10hrs) and ranges from £90 upwards. The carer/personal assistant may vary their fee depending on whether the night is sleeping or not. Discuss your needs with your carer.