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Home Care vs Care Homes

As your elderly parents age, its important to know all of the options available to them and to your family. If they aren’t able to take care of themselves at home, and  nursing homes are being mentioned at family functions, then it may be time to seriously think about the options that will work best for your loved one.

The two main options that are available to most families are either home care or care homes. Home care is when a nurse, a nurse’s aid, or a home care assistant or personal assistant comes to your parents’ house and provides them with help. Depending on the type of home care your family desires, your loved ones can get help with cleaning their house, running errands, or with medical issues such as taking medication, changing bandages, and staying mobile.

Home care can be whatever you and your loved one decides that they need, and it can be a great option for many elderly relatives. A nursing home is also a great option for many people. Nursing homes offer around the clock care for loved ones that may need a bit more medical care.  Assisted living communities are another care home option for many seniors. These communities offer seniors as much or as little help as they need to live independently. The choice between a nursing home and an assisted living home may be a medical need, a monetary need, or even your loved one’s feelings about each care home.

Here are 10 benefits to home care and to care homes to help you and your loved ones decide what is best for your family.

1. Home Care is Flexible

Home care for seniors may be of the most flexible types of care that you can obtain. Home care is both flexible with its times and with its types. Whether your loved one needs medical care, housekeeping care, or simply a companion, home care can provide this flexible type of care on their own time.

2. Home Care is Less Expensive

Everyone has heard horror stories of nursing homes being super expensive, and if your loved one doesn’t have complex medical conditions and wants to stay at their own home, then home care is for them. It is far less expensive than a nursing home because you will only pay for what is absolutely needed. Plus, there isn’t room and board payments with home care.

3. Home Care May Allow Your Loved One to Live Longer

Studies have shown that seniors who stay at home actually live longer.  Staying home will allow your loved one to stay healthy physically, but also mentally in their own environment. Seniors who stay at home are often happier and more comfortable because they are surrounded by their own things, such as neighbours and friends and pets.

4. Seniors in Home Care can Customise their Care

Not only is home care flexible, but it is also super customisable to your loved ones needs. Does you loved one need help with taking medicines on time? Or do they just need someone to cook food for them each day? Or to help out with housekeeping? No matter what their needs, home care can help.

5. Home Care is cumulative

Home care is so cost effective because it is cumulative. Your loved one may start out with just needing a little bit of help with household chores, but as they grow older, they may need help with more things. Home care is a wonderful option for this because it is additive and you and your loved one can add as many cares on as your loved one needs. On the converse, you can also remove certain types of care if they need less help at certain times.

6. Nursing Homes Offer Complex Care Options

Nursing homes are great for loved ones who need more complex care due to medical conditions such as dementia or if they are recovering from a hospitalization. Nursing homes offer 24/7 care to loved ones and can be there for any of their needs.

7. Nursing Homes Offer 24 Hour Care

Nursing homes offer 24 hour care 7 days a week. This is a great option for seniors who need someone around all of the time for safety purposes or medical purposes. They also offer great rehab options and medical options such as full medical management of complex conditions and rehabilitation for seniors who may just need short term nursing home care.

8. Nursing Homes Give Seniors the Ability to Socialise

Nursing homes offer seniors a wonderful chance to socialise with other people their age. A lot of seniors, especially those who have lost their spouses, feel lonely as they grow older. Nursing homes offer multiple social events each week and allow seniors to make new friends and always have someone to talk to.

9. Nursing Homes Offer Food Services and House Keeping

Nursing homes offer medical care and help with daily activities, such as preparing food and house keeping. Seniors who live in nursing homes will have three meals per day and snacks available to them. Plus, their rooms are always kept clean. This allows your loved one to focus on enjoying their life and not having to stress about food preparation, house keeping, or any other benign stressor that comes with owning or renting a house. 

10. Nursing Homes Can Relieve Loved Ones

Nursing homes are also great options for loved ones who have taken care of elderly loved ones. Your loved one can stay at a nursing home for a short term or until the end of their life. Short term nursing home stays allow loved ones to take a break and regroup. Taking care of a loved one can be trying, and nursing homes can help take away some of that stress.

Nursing homes and home care are both great options for your loved one. Talk with your loved one about each of their options, and see what they would like to do. With so many options today, it can be easy to find the perfect type of care for your loved one and your family.