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Day care/Hourly care

Day care or hourly care can be used to assist you or your loved ones with daily activities, it can also be used to provide companionship for a cup of coffee or trips out and about. Care can be arranged from 1 hour to several hours on all or any given day of the week and you can organise multiple visits per day if you wish.

Family and friends may not live nearby and sometimes you just want some company. So whether it’s a chat about the book you are reading, current affairs or somebody to go to theatre with your carer/personal assistant can provide that companionship. 

Personal care
Help you with getting out of bed, washing and dressing

Assistance with walking and exercise
Your carer/personal assistant can help with walking and getting out for some fresh air

Arrange appointments, plan trips and visits
Your carer/personal assistant can arrange appointments and assist with visiting friends and family or trips to the theatre or a football match.

Light housework
We believe you should be able to enjoy being in your own home.Your carer/personal assistant will do most household chores - cooking, washing up, laundry, dusting, putting out the bins, feeding and walking the pets. Please make sure you confirm your requirements with your care assistant before hiring them.

Meal preparation
You can discuss with your care worker your dietary preferences to ensure you get the kind of food you like best while maintaining a healthy diet

Medication reminders
We can all forget to take our medication or vitamins. Any medication requirements can be discussed with your carer/personal assistant to ensure it is taken at the right time

Shopping, errands, transportation
Posting letters, changing your library book, picking up the groceries or a lift to meet with friends for lunch or if required to visit a place of worship.

How Day care/Hourly care can help you 

Day care helps people to lead fulfilled, independent lives in their own homes. This can be for a short period of time whilst recovering from an operation or can be for an ongoing basis.   

Why I would use Day care/Hourly care? 

 - Companionship and mental stimulation  

 - If you worry about your loved one’s safety at home whilst you are out 

 - Mobility issues and requiring help with medication reminders, personal hygiene  

 - Preparing healthy meals

What can I expect to pay for Day care/Hourly care? 

Depending on the experience and expertise of the carer/personal assistant you can expect to pay from £13 - £16 per hour. For advanced certain conditions care workers may charge more.