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Benefits of hiring a self-employed carer

At Curam we believe that the for the majority of carers and those in need of care that the carer being self-employed is the best option.

The fact that the average experience of the carers on the Curam platform is 10 years tells us that experienced carers agree with us.

Quite frankly there is a lot of disingenuous and biased advice being provided to people and families who require a care assistant. These tend to be third party recruitment and payroll providers who in many instances charge high fees for their services, or government agencies who feel obliged to maximise HMRC’s tax take.

There are some instances where it is entirely appropriate to directly employ a care assistant – for example if a carer works full-time for more than six months for the one client. However, in our experience such one-to-one relationships are rare. In most cases carers work part-time for several different clients or as part of team to provide intensive support for one client. These carers also have multiple clients whose requirements change frequently.

Here are the salient benefits of hiring self-employed workers.

No need for PAYE, national insurance, employers national insurance or payroll

The money saved on NI and payroll costs can be spent on extra hours of care.

Your carer will pay a lower overall level of tax.

Curam checks that carers are tax compliant.

You do not run the risk of employment disputes or claims.

If at any time you wish to change carers for any reason you are free to do so.

You have choice and control and the flexibility to change your care regime as