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Choose who you are?


3 simple steps to finding the right carer

A good carer will always want to understand your needs

What is the routine you wish to have supported and what are the times best suited to doing

Are there any special condition expertise required (e.g. mobility, dementia)?

What type of care is required e.g, hourly, live-in, overnight?

What hours are required?

How flexible are you? The more flexible you are the easier you will find it to hire a suitable carer.

What is your budget? The more hours you require the chances are the more a carer will agree to negotiate on their rates.

The easiest way to relay this information is to fill out a ‘Tell us your care requirements” form  this will be posted as possible role on our jobs board and suitable carers will be invited to to apply for the role - You will then be able to see their profiles on your account page and you can decide whether you wish to send them a message - your details are of course kept confidential. It is best to give some indication of what rate you are prepared to pay the carer. The average rate on the Curam platform is approximately £15 per hour or £100 per day but these rates are negotiable and there are regional variations.

Alternatively you can use the search bar on our platform to short list and message carers and personal assistants. You can use the filter tab found beside the search bar to refine your search - remember Curam is a two way street; through flexibility of schedule, willingness to pay a greater rate and the greater the quantity of hours you require will make it easier to match with and find a compatible carer.

Carer/personal assistant Interview

We believe it is essential that you are comfortable with bringing a carer or personal assistant into your home. This is a very personal choice. It is best
done by interviewing the care assistant in person (if possible), or by Skype or WhatsApp. You should also ask for references if you feel it necessary. You might decide to interview a number of different carers for your position. On Curam the choice is always yours.

If you need any help with using the platform feel free to call us on 01387 730766 during office hours and one of our client services team will be delighted to help.

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