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Why should I upload a video to my profile?

You can now upload an introductory video, up to 1 minute long, to your profile via the Curam Carer app. Carers are 3 times more likely to secure work if they have a video uploaded to their profile. 

How do I create a profile video?

Your script: Before you start filming your video, make sure you’ve prepared what you’re going to say in advance. Here’s a reminder of some prompts:  

1) How long have you been a carer?  

2) Do you specialise in a particular type of care?  

3) Why do you love working as a carer?  

4) What are your hobbies?  

Please avoid including any personal information or any details that could change - like specifics about your availability, for example.  

Please note we cannot approve videos that contain personal details like your surname.  

Also, your video must be no longer than 1 minute. 

Click here for more information on how to upload your video.