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Tips for writing your personal statement

The personal statement is the first thing potential clients will read about you after seeing your photograph. This is your opportunity to sell yourself and describe what it is you do best. It is extremely important to spend time on this, you will receive advice on this in the interview.

Below are some ideas about writing the best possible profile.

Describe yourself:

How long you have been a care assistant and do you have any specialist skills?

Try in some way to be different or interesting. Hobbies/interests? What do you like to do in your spare time?

For example: sports, reading, cooking, crosswords, current affairs, walking, spending time with family, pets, music etc.

Please check your grammar and spelling. It may be helpful to get a friend to check it thoroughly before submission.

This profile will be one of many and you need to stand out and sound appealing to your clients and their families.

Emphasise any unique character skills you have, whether they be language skills or expertise with certain conditions.