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Carer's insurance

Every carer whose shift invoice is approved on the Curamcare platform is covered by the following policy:


 - Cover Benefits:

 - Public liability up to £1M 

 - Legal expenses - £10,000

 - Personal belongings at work up to £250

 - Accidental death - £7,500

 - Hospitalisation (accident only) per 24 hours up to £25 (max 30 days)

 - Broken bones from £20

Other Cover Highlights

No Excess

Permanent total disablement (such as loss of sight or loss of use of your back)

Permanent partial disablement (such as loss of sight or loss of use of your back)

Costs in a legal action to defend your legal rights arising out of allegations of negligence or abuse as a result of your hiring as a carer.

The cost of replacing the keys and locks to external doors of any service user’s home following loss or theft of the keys.

Accidental loss or damage to your personal effects whilst you are working.

Accidental damage to any service user’s property by you as a result of forced access to their home solely to deal with a medical emergency.

Activities & Duties Covered

Personal care including: preparing, serving and feeding food or drink, bathing, dressing, moving and handling.

Administering prescribed medicines and first aid.

General domestic duties including: shopping, basic maintenance and gardening tasks.

Looking after the client's domestic pets or children, (or other children for whom the client is responsible) provided that these tasks form only a minor part of the overall work carried out for that client.

Accompanying any client on social, domestic or pleasure trips.