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Allowable expenses

As a self-employed carer, it is important that you keep a record of your income and expenditure. HMRC guidance states that any self-employed individual is required to retain proof of income and expenses for up to 6 years.

It is important to know which expenses are allowable for tax relief. For guidance, we have enclosed a list of typical expenses to give you an idea of what is allowable. Many people use their smartphone to photograph expenses and file on their computer.

- Travel and subsistence such as public transport and lunchtime sandwich and coffee

- Motor expenses such as: fuel, insurance, MOT and road tax, parking/tolls

- Uniforms

- Cleaning of work clothes

- Protective clothing – for example: non-slip nursing shoes


- Professional training and courses

- Journals, periodicals and magazines related to your work

- Work equipment

- Smartphone and computer

- Broadband

- Accountants fees

- Professional subscriptions

- Renewal of practising certificates

- Printing, postage and stationery

- Other work-related expenses