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Benefits of being self-employed

Although not for everyone there are some indisputable advantages to being self-employed, such as:



Self-employment is consistently gaining more mainstream popularity especially with those who find traditional employment doesn't fit well with other parts of their lives. One clear example is family commitments such as your partner's working hours or your children's out of school hours and holidays. Knowing that you have the knowledge and skills required and the freedom to set your own working hours and still be paid at a decent rate is very comforting.


Tax Allowance Expenses

As a self-employed individual, you will be able to claim business related expenses. If you use your home as your office, you might be able to claim a proportion of costs which will decrease your tax bill.

You will also be able to claim back on things such as travel, car expenses, office supplies, training courses, computer and mobile phone expenses and basic meals such as a sandwich/coffee.

The general rule to adhere to is that if the expense is incurred wholly and exclusively for the purpose of the business, you will be able to claim these expenses. In essence, claiming allowances and tax relief can help you maximise your income and reduce your tax liability.



If you have been working as an employee, you may have had frustrations about not pursuing what you love or being asked to work on jobs that don’t suit you. You may have found working as an employee frustrating, being self-employed gives you more control over what you do and who you work for. In the end it is your decision.



Curam allows you to build a client base and a clear path to career progression - the more experience you gain and the more qualifications you acquire the higher the rates you will be able to charge. Good carers will receive good reviews on the platform and clients will be able differentiate between the ordinary and those who standout.