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Let’s talk about women…


Annika Eade

March 07, 2022

Let’s talk about women…

What is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity for us all to take a second and give thanks to the amazing women in our lives. There are over 3,905 million incredible women in the world so whether it’s you, your sister, mother, friend or carer, it’s time to share the love and celebrate them all.

The theme of this year's international women's day is ‘Break the bias’. Imagine a gender equal world, free from bias, stereotypes and discrimination. Individually we are all responsible for our own thoughts and actions. Let’s take the time to recognise the importance of gender equality and collectively #breakthebias.

Curam carers

At Curam 64% of our carers are female. We think this is an incredible figure. Women support us throughout our lives from giving birth to us and raising us to caring for their parents or loved ones as they age. Many people in need of care are being neglected or overlooked, whilst the vast majority of carers receive woefully low pay rates, their vital work earning often no more than the minimum wage.

Towards a fair and equal society

Even today, there is still a gender pay gap. However, here at Curam we are doing all we can to change it. Curam was founded on the principle of making finance better for clients and carers. We believe carers who are paid a better wage feel valued and deliver exceptional care. Therefore, Curam carers earn on average £14.66 an hour, whilst clients still pay 25% less on average than with a traditional agency. Care finances are often stretched, especially with agency rates around £20 an hour – unfortunately, often as little as £9.50 goes to the carer.

Uniquely, Curam has the lowest commission fee in the sector at only 12%. 

Importance of carers

Carers are extraordinary people who really do make a difference to individuals’ lives. At Curam we use technology to put the care worker at the heart of the solution to what we see as the biggest problem in UK social care: carers' low pay. Each carer is an integral member of this solution, and we are proud of them as they are doing wonderful things.

Importance of women

‘There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish’ – Michelle Obama

These words spoken by Michelle Obama are incredibly powerful ones. Despite the history of women being deemed lesser than men. Fortunately, today’s society is becoming increasingly inclusive, one where men and women are seen as equals. Some extraordinary women have fought for this to be the case, allowing us to in a fair and equal society.

Women to thank

There are so many inspiring women all around us. We would like to use this opportunity to thank all of the incredible carers that we have within the Curam community. Each and every one of our amazing carers makes a difference to an individual’s life each day they go into work.

‘I am like a big mother hen. I have got a lot to give people and I get so much from it; it is so rewarding. You know watching peoples’ face light up when you walk through the door and you know elderly people and people with learning disabilities, they don’t tend to ask for anything back so it is selfless really’. (Curam Carer)

How to get involved in International Women’s Day?


  • Read articles, blogs, and posts. Try to understand the importance of your female loved ones.


  • Post, share, campaign. Help to raise awareness of the importance of women in an attempt to even the playing field and abolish gender inequalities.


  • Show thanks for those you love or those who have helped you. A simple act of kindness such as making you loved one a cup of tea can make someone’s day and let them know that they are appreciated.


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