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Introductory Meetings


Tilly Rowe

September 02, 2022

Introductory Meetings

Introductory Meetings 

Caring for our clients and carers is our top priority at Curam.  


To ensure this, we have introduced a new feature on the Curam Carer app to improve safeguarding that allows carers to record any introductory meetings they attend prior to working with a client.  


If you're a Curam carer, all you need to do to is create an introductory meeting note in the app. This records the time, date and location of your client meeting.  


Why is this important?  

This new feature will keep a record of your location, which is vital for safeguarding, especially if you're meeting a client at a different location to their home address. This will also automatically keep a record of all the meetings you’re attending.  


With this in mind, we thought it would be helpful to share our tips for carers when preparing for an intro meeting.  


The Introductory Meeting… 

Hiring a carer or support worker will of course differ from other job roles. While there isn’t always a one size fits for every role, you may have gleaned many essential care worker qualities from previous life experience or job roles. 

It is important to come across as personable engaging and communicative. Clients hiring you will be looking for you to make good eye contact, smile, listen and take an interest in what they're saying. Clients will want someone who they can feel at ease with, is reliable and safe to be around. 

Below are some common questions you may want to prepare for a care meeting. 


What training have you completed that prepares you to be a care assistant? 


Typically, a care assistant has completed formal training to prepare them for the position's duties and responsibilities. The goal of the question is to determine your background and training. 


How do you ensure you maintain a friendly character when helping your clients? 


Regardless of circumstances, a care assistant must remain friendly, patient, and positive. The goal of the question is to evaluate the carer's ability to self-regulate their mood when working with clients.  


Why did you choose to follow a career path as a care assistant? 


The goal of the question is to determine the carer's motivation in choosing a career as a care assistant. Ultimately the client wants to know that you take your job seriously and are passionate about caring for people. 


Tell me about your previous job

Potential clients may want to know if there’s any transferable experience from your previous role(s) and may even ask why you’re leaving your current employment. If you’re transitioning from another care worker role, you should be able to draw upon the experience that qualifies you for the new position. 

Often at the end of an interview, you may be asked if you’d like more information about the job role. This is your chance to let your potential client know you are enthusiastic about the job and ask any questions that might benefit or comfort the person you are caring for. Eg. Do they like to be referred by their full name or a nickname? 


Hopefully, these sample questions will get you thinking about your past experience and how you can select relevant examples to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. More importantly, however, it’s the enthusiasm that counts. If your excitement for care work shines through, your perfect job might not be far off. 




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