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How Carers Can Enhance Their Skills With Curam

Annika Eade

March 17, 2021

How Carers Can Enhance Their Skills With Curam

Here at Curam, we talk a lot about our commitment to creating a better care community and how our platform gives self-employed carers access to charge the wages they deserve. But our vision goes even further than better rates of pay.  

We want every self-employed carer who uses our platform to have all the tools at their disposal to be able to do their jobs effectively, so not only can they offer excellent care to their clients, but they can access great care work opportunities.  

This is why we’re now offering all our approved carers, who have completed the registration process, completely free access to our Curam Qintil online carer training CPD courses.  


Why is training important?  

Whilst you don’t need a formal qualification to work as a carer, it’s essential you know the basic practical skills, like emergency first aid and basic health and safety.  

Having this vital knowledge ensures carers can: 

• Update their portfolio of existing skills 

• Gain new expertise they can use at work 

• Are more likely to be approached by potential clients 

• Receive a knowledge-based confidence boost 

We recognise that paying to keep your skills up-to-date can be especially hard when you’re self-employed, which is why we’ve carefully curated ten comprehensive training courses that are available to all our approved carers, free of charge. This is a saving of £136.   


What free online care courses are available? 

Emergency First Aid  

Learn how to recognise, assess and appropriately manage emergency first aid situations.   

Understanding Dementia 

Thanks to our partnership with Alzheimer’s Society, the UK’s leading dementia charity, we're delighted to host their course all about Understanding Dementia in our learning library. Learn about the common types of dementia, their causes and read real life accounts of people living with dementia.

Moving and Handling 

Gain a better understanding of the manual legislation, the risks of manual handling as well as the relevant anatomy and physiology of the human body.  

Food and Hygiene  

Learn all about workplace basic food hygiene measures.  

Urinary Catheterisation

Learn essential theoretical knowledge surrounding the clinical skill or urinary catheterisation, including procedure to follow and how to execute infection control and catheter care.

Equality and Diversity 

Your introduction to equality and diversity, examining legal and professional issues relating to equality and diversity and how to apply this information to everyday settings 

Health and Safety 

Understand the basics around Health and Safety legislation and requirements, you’ll also learn about COSHH Regulations within the workplace. 

Infection Control Awareness  

Learn how to promote best practice measures of standard infection control precautions such as appropriate hand washing technique to prevent and control Health Care Associated Infections.  

COVID19 Awareness 

A guide packed with useful information about COVID19 including how it is transmitted, and how you can prevent catching it or spreading it to others. 

Person Centred Care 

Gain a full understanding of person-centred care and how it can improve the care experience for the client as well as family members and healthcare professionals. 

Care planning  

Understand what care planning is and gain good working knowledge around the aspects of planning person-centred care.  


How does it work? 

Once you’ve registered with Curam via and have been approved by a Curam team member, you’ll then have completely free access to the above ten training courses.  

You’ll receive your invite to the training courses via email from Qintil. Just open the email and click the link to then set up your free Curam Qintil training account.  


How long does the training take and do I need any special equipment? 

Each course is designed with the modern learner in-mind and takes between 20 minutes to 1 hour to complete, but this is completely down to your learning pace.  

To ensure it’s as convenient as possible for you to complete your training, no equipment is required, you can complete each course on any device, at any time, whether you’re on-the-move or at home. And, you can pause your training and go back to it, or even restart a course, if you need a recap.   

Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll receive a digital badge on your Qintil record of achievement and be able to download and print your certificate. You’ll also be awarded a CPD point for each course completed.  

Also, for all the life-long learners out there who want to complete even more training, we’re also giving our approved carers a 25% discount off Qintil’s extensive learning library of courses.  

We want every carer who completes our training to enjoy learning new skills and have access to even more care opportunities.  

If you haven’t yet finished registering as a Carer with Curam, then don’t miss out, log in today, and complete your application and unlock your free carer training courses.  


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