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Live-In Care

As an individual gets older they may need a helping hand to be able to continue to live in their home. Home care is considered by many to be preferable to residential or nursing home care and has many advantages including maintained independence and increased quality of life.

Live-in care can be provided on a full or part-time basis and includes Alzheimer's and dementia care, cancer care, mobility care, disability care, palliative care. 24 hour home care is suitable for anyone who needs full-time care to enable them to live in their own home with their familiar surroundings for as long as safely possible.

Staying at home means that they can remain with their spouse or partner, pets, friends and neighbours and decide when they get up, eat, go out and rest. This can be especially helpful if they suffer from dementia. 


What can I expect to pay for live-in carers/personal assistants

Live-in care can cost from £120 per day or £825 per week, it is also used very effectively to cover weekends or for a few midweek days while you are away at work.

Carers/personal assistants vary their fees depending on their experience and the needs of the care recipient. Full time live-in care will need a team of at least two live-in carers to allow for breaks and holidays etc. Most carers will do a maximum of three weeks live-in before taking at least a week off.