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Collective Benefits for Curam carers

Collective Benefits for Curam carers

Our self-employed carers are now getting access to sick pay, health support and a whole host of other benefits.

You can tell a lot about an organisation by how they treat their workforce. Carers provide essential, life saving support for some of society's most vulnerable people and yet many are often only paid the minimum wage. 

At Curam, our business model empowers and supports carers to work on a self-employed basis allowing them to earn more and control when and where they work. However, understandably the lack of access to benefits like sick pay and training that come with being an employee is viewed as a barrier for some carers who are used to being paid on a PAYE basis. 

This is why we're delighted to announce a brand new partnership with Collective Benefits: the only provider focused exclusively on insurance and benefits for independent workers. As a result we're now able to provide our self-employed carers with the rewards and benefits they need and deserve. 

Carers using Curam can now access a tiered benefits package that includes sick pay, accidental cover, online health support and much much more. 

Here's a breakdown of what benefits are provided in each benefit tier:



Over 70 discounts off a wide selection of brands including 40% off cinema tickets as well as fuel and supermarket discounts too. 



In addition to the discounts, carers also receive a range of online health support including a digital GP and mental health support and advice.



Carers who qualify for the gold package receive all the benefits in the previous tiers and access to a physiotherapy treatment app.



This package includes all the above listed benefits as well as insurance cover that includes sick pay, maternity/paternity pay


As a carer you can access all of the rewards above and more simply through working via the Curam platform. The more hours you work the greater benefits you can unlock. You will be granted a bronze, silver, gold or platinum award for the amount of hours that you have completed in the previous two calendar months. 

Also as soon as you become an approved Curam carer, you'll receive access to 12 free CPD training courses on topics like First Aid and Alzheimer's Society's Understanding Dementia course.

If you'd like to find out more about the benefits available and how you qualify then take a look at our benefits and discounts page