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Choose who you are?


Carer quotes

That's a brilliant idea; I do house to house care myself and have done for last 4 and a half years. Most of the time I stay with the same clients; whom I love seeing and making them laugh otherwise I get sent all over. Would love a job like this 1. Not only are you their carer; you become their friend.



This is how it should be. Clients should be able to choose who comes into their house to look after them. I hope the days of awful money making agency's are numbered.



“What a fantastic idea, as a carer myself for many years I know how important one to one care is”.



What a fabulous platform for patient centred care, as liking and getting on with your carer and having a rapport is the key to good care  



Good idea. First of all, from the moment a caregiver meets the customer you can tell how good a caregiver is and the family also. I've been a caregiver with the council for over 30 years and love my job, meeting the family and customer. Carers are born, it's not a job it's an honour to look after people.



This is how it should be. If people are paying for a service they should be allowed to be selective, especially with their carers.



This company Curamcareuk also seems to have struck the right balance with clients, Treating them as PEOPLE and building up a relationship, not just treating them as a statistic. We could do with more of this !!



I think this is an amazing idea, I have worked in care for the last 17yrs of my working life, home care, nursing home and responder to lifelines, loved all of it but so many clients said they would like the same carers all the time,I totally agreed with them, putting myself in their place I would feel exactly the same. WONDERFUL SERVICE X