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Service Agreements, Shift Invoices and Secure Payment

You, as the carer, are responsible for creating the service agreement and the ensuing shift invoices between yourself and the client.


For each client you will have a one-off Service Agreement – which outlines the general terms of your contractual relationship. Then you will create unique shift invoices (for a fixed period) relating to the service agreement that details the hours you will work and at what rate for each shift.

How to create a Service Agreement

1. Log into your profile on

2. Click Agreements & Shifts.

3. Select Agreements.

4. For first time clients, click the New Agreement button.


For first time clients, you need to have the name and address of the person receiving care: so please make sure you have that to hand before creating an agreement (you will need to get this information from the client).


Select the client (the person who messaged you) from the dropdown.

1. Then enter the details of the person receiving care.

2. You can use the “Search Address” box to autofill the address with the first line or postcode of the address.

3. Select the responsibilities you have agreed and enter any further requests or information in the “Requested Services” box.

4. Click preview. You will now see the Service Agreement – please check it and if you are happy, please click confirm & continue to shift invoices


You will be taken to:

'How to create a Shift Invoice'

You will now have to create your first shift invoice.


1. Select the shift type – hourly, overnight or live-in.

2. Enter the shift details and amount:


For Hourly: enter start date, start time and end time.

For Overnight: enter start date, start time and end time the next day.

For Live-in: enter start dates and end dates and start times and end times.


3. The amount owed for the shift is automatically calculated.

  1. The shift amount is NOT automatically calculated, so please calculate the full amount due and enter it in the “Enter shift amount” box for the full shift of that day.

5. For Hourly and Overnight shifts please enter the shifts for the entire week.

6. When complete, click the "create invoice” button.

7. Check all is in order and if happy click “submit for approval”.


The client will then have to approve the service agreement and invoice before you start work. It is very important that the client approves before you start, if they have not you will be paid late.


To create future shifts with the same client for the same care recipient:

Click on “agreements and shifts”

Select “shifts”

Then as above for “How to create a shift invoice” but select client and relevant agreement.


Your client pays for their care on their approval of the shift invoice and their money is held securely in our third-party payment provider “Mangopay” ( until the shift is complete.

Once the care is completed the monies are transferred into your personal Mangopay account.

If you need any assistance, please contact the Curam office on 01387 730766