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Free Covid Testing for Carers

Free Covid Testing for Carers

29 May 2020

The UK Government is offering all essential workers free testing for Covid 19. As a Curam approved carer this includes you. You can take the test, even if you have no symptoms.   

Anti Body Testing

The Government is starting antibody testing for NHS and social care workers. Antibodies are what our immune system creates in response to fighting the virus. They stay in the blood and offer protection against the virus. For those who have had Covid-19, it is unknown for how long, or at what level, antibodies offer protection against the virus. 

You may have seen home antibody tests available online or from Superdrug. These kits cost £69 and need a pin prick or lanced sample of blood. It is unclear if these kits are as accurate as a blood sample taken from a vein by a healthcare professional.   


Please continue to work safely. We advise all our carers to protect themselves and others by using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and practising social distancing where possible.

If your Local Authority cannot provide PPE, The National Association of Care and Support Workers (NACAS) are encouraging carers to use Frontline Live. Frontline Live is a website which can help source and distribute PPE. 

Keeping Up To Date

We will update our Curam fairer care community with the latest information as it becomes available. For all our clients and approved carers, please check your emails regularly. 

Stay alert, keep safe and follow social distancing where you can. Read more about how we are supporting our community through the coronavirus pandemic. If you have any questions, please contact us: 01387 730766




Author Annika